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Found 3 results

  1. Hello All!

    Hello! I am a new member from Corpus Christi, Texas. I am also a college student. As much as I like to try to find other people that share my want to wait until marriage, I find it increasingly difficult in my college and today's society, in general. Sometimes, I feel very discouraged, and irritated at the whole issue. For myself, I would love to marry a virgin, but I am deeply saddened to say that I have only met one my entire life. And I've only ever met a handful of female virgins to be friends with. I am so happy to have found this site, just to have found a group of people like me.
  2. Greetings From Texas

    Good morning everyone, I am a new member from Texas, so you could say I'm a southern belle. Sometimes when you've made the decision to wait until marriage it can feel like you're the only one out there in this struggle. I'm glad to have found a whole community of people that can relate to the lifestyle I live. I'm hoping to connect and make friends.
  3. Hi! virgin newbie here

    Hi everyone! Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a 25 year old nurse from Brooklyn (born and raised baby); I come from a big, loud, awesome family and I have lots of neices and nephews. My youngest brother and I are especially close since we're the only ones still living at home. My family is Christian, and I personally became a Christian at 17. What my parents taught me as a kid about saving intimacy for marriage made sense to me. In college, I did more research on the topic, reading books such as "Hooked" and "Unprotected", and cross-referencing with my biochem & physiology classes - all of it made sense on another level. The bonding mechanisms of oxytocin, the effects of pheremones, etc. At times, I felt like such a naive loser for not having sex like everyone else in college, but the scientific knowledge reinforced my decision to remain a virgin. Although guys asked me out, I never accepted, because I knew they didn't share my values or my faith, and I didn't want to string them along for no reason. However, I spent a lot of time studying with guys, since I was in a major that had more guys than girls (chemistry). I found it was really easy to become emotionally entangled with guys, even though I didn't do anything more physical than a casual hug - that is something I still struggle with. Last year was rough for me, as I was diagnosed with cancer, and underwent chemo and radiation. After finishing treatment and growing back a little hair, I went on vacation in Florida for a weekend. While there, all I could think was, I'm 25, I have this hot (rental) car, I'm in West Palm Beach, I've survived cancer - I just want to go have some fun, get drunk and sleep with a handsome stranger. Of course I did no such thing. But man, it was hard not to just give in a little, to flirt with some cute busboy or whatever. I've come to realize that being a virgin or celibate until marriage isn't simply about the physical aspect. The true battle for me is in my mind and my emotions, and being a truly virtuous lady. So I'm striving toward being content with life, while still growing and maturing as a person. Anyhoo, I'm excited to be on this forum and hopefully meet some new friends who are also on this journey.