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Found 3 results

  1. Waiting in England?

    So I just turned seventeen and I've been a bit worried about my future... Its the time when we are applying to college and struggling to find summer jobs, but thats not really what im worried about. Im pursuing modeling and its working out pretty well for me, so jobs in the future dont worry me. I'm moving to England this coming school year and i'm nervous about finding love there... I most likely wont be returning to America after that, and if I do it will be for vacation. I'm looked all over online and I cant find the percent of people who are waiting until marriage in the uk. I dont care if he looks like a foot. I dont care if he smells like eggs. I just want him to be waiting until marriage. My life dream is to marry a wonderful virgin man and raise our children teaching them the values of waiting and the importance of morals. I dont care if I find an amazing guy who has everything. None of it matters if he isnt a waiter. Please help ;-;
  2. I know there aren't only Americans on this site. I'm American, but I want to meet the people who aren't. I actually want to have a relationship with a British guy. It's something about the accent that sounds like a lullaby to me. Even when their drunk and slurring XD. So... Any British guys out there? Or just people from other places in general? If you American, don't hold back from posting on this either. I don't mean to exclude anyone. ^^ I'm only sixteen now, but when I get older I hope to marry a handsome Christian gentleman with an English accent. ^^
  3. ok GUNS!!! :D

    Ok first off this is made for those that have a gun or want a gun, im just askin what guns ya'all have on your wishlist. Now i do not want this to turn into a debate thread because it is not ment to be that way. so i wish for liberals and other anti-gun folk to not post anything against guns thank you now to business my dream gun is the M1 garand, specifically the M1D the sniper variant of the weapon, it is a very hard weapon to find but it will be mine at somepoint now another on my wish list is a arma-lite .50 and the car-10, the arma is a sniper rifle, or i should say an anti-vehicle sniper rifle, and the car-10 is a hunting arms,the arma is a .50cal and is a bolt-action,the car-10 is semi-auto and a .308. the first one s the arma-lite now here is the car-10 ok now i would like to hear about ya'alls and or see them. Love yall Go Guns