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Found 1 result

  1. Eurovision Song Contest

    Hey, guys! I know it's a month early, but thought this was as good a time as any to chat about it... Who here will be watching the Eurovision Song Contest this year? I watch it every year. It's one of the year's television highlights, in my opinion, and more entertaining than the Oscars (and with just as brilliant costumes to critique). For anyone outside of Europe who is new to this concept, let me explain: The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual music competition which has been running since 1956. The competing European countries each select their acts (it can be a solo singer or a group), and an original song for them to sing. There are a few stages, with qualification rounds and semi-finals, but really, all eyes are on the Grand Final. The Grand Final is held in the previous winning country, and each act is required to sing live. Afterwards follows a phone-in vote. You are able to vote for any of the acts except for your own. For example, those in the UK are free to vote for any act except for the UK entry. In recent years, this has been combined with votes from a panel of judges. Points are then awarded to each act based on the number of votes, and the country with the highest number of points wins. Previous UK entries to the ESC include Bonnie Tyler, Engelbert Humperdinck, Katrina and the Waves, Michael Ball, Bucks Fizz, Cliff Richards and Lulu. In recent years, the UK has done very badly, and we are under no illusions that this year will be any better. Coming dead last is frankly part of the fun. I have selected the following song as an example of a "classic Eurovision" song. The 2013 Romanian entry encapsulates perfectly the overall flavour of Eurovision, from the singer himself and the song, down to the lighting and SFX, accompaniment and choreography. After watching it, you will no doubt understand why I find this competition to be so entertaining: xxx