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  1. Friendly VS Flirty/Touchy

    Thanks bunches for your opinions I really do appreciate it....
  2. Friendly VS Flirty/Touchy

    Thanks you guys! I am at ease BUT not really LOL. Mainly because I know the one that is married is super flirty, she will not workout just to be at the front talking to him..... Then to top shit off she has his # & I am not sure if at one point there was interest on his behalf BUT just the entire situation makes me uneasy. I know that he says that she texts him to ask for advice or to talk about her marriage... I am thinking like UH OKAY does she not have GFs for that shit.... Ugh... I have to be civil myself because I also work there... It's a bitch ESPECIALLY cuz I wanna tell her shit SO BAD.... But I know that will only make shit worse because then she will know what makes me feel this way & for all I know she will keep doing it. BLAH! Stupid a** girl!
  3. Friendly VS Flirty/Touchy

    Can't thank you ladies enough.... Gracias!
  4. Hey gals... So I have a BF and I am having issues dealing with the girls that come around him... For ex... a friend I guess you can say, has that problem where people get in your personal space... So when she talks to him she is all up in his space... It makes me feel awkward.... She randomly rubs his head and will say dumb things... Last time she got some lotion and rubbed it onto his elbows and as she did this she told him dont worry i got you as she smiled all big... I have told her that I dont like that but I feel that she kinda still does it cuz she knows it IRKS me... Then there is another girl that is married... She sometimes lets herself around the counter and has touched slapped his arm and kicked him in childish flirty way... She mainly does this when she is at the gym ALONE... When her husband is there with her... its just a casual HI BYE to him.... Recently she asked him WHY DONT YOU TALK TO ME ANYMORE.... IDK... I think I am probably tripping out over NOTHING but how would you guys take this??? Oh and we both work at the GYM... Hence me saying gym... and the first person is our manager... she is young too so yeah... THANKS LADIES.....
  5. Friendly VS Flirty/Touchy

    If you know it bothers your GF would you kinda lay off of it... or back away when it happens? OR would you just be the same?
  6. Hey there fellas... I just have a question OR comment... Not sure how to word this.. My BF works at the gym. He encounter alot of gals there. I noticed certain things about certain gals there. From the manager, co-worker to even a member... Some of the things I have noticed is that the manager has a tendency of getting really close to him or any man in general when she is talking. She has rubbed him head, has rubbed lotion ON his arms, as she did this she said "Don't worry I got you." She is just VERY touchy in my opinion... Also there is another gal that always looks for him... If he gets busy at the front she WILL WAIT till he is done to start talking to him... & she is married.. She only does this when she is at the gym alone. If she goes with her husband its a different story... Recently she asked him "Why dont you talk to me anymore." Which in my opinion is just dumb. She also can be very touchy... She has in the past kicked him, slapped his arm... Just really playful childish things... Now I know you guys might think I am overreacting BUT I would like to know how you guys would take all these things... How would you want you GF to react to it? Any comment whether good OR bad is well appreciated (: