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  1. Lol, what kind of bar is that and where can I find it?
  2. What are the best places to find waiters out in the real world without the help of a website? My friends have been really judgmental as of recently about online sites, and I don't really want to breach my own personal security. Is there any sure way to find waiters in real life?
  3. Another cheap woman? Is this the second time she saw him with a cheap woman? Also, how does she not know they are just friends? I think that is an odd reason to throw the towel in. I have this fear all the time btw. I love kids and sometimes I think about adopting in my 40s when I get enough money from my current career choice if things never pan out. I will name the kiddo after my cousin Vianney, in honor of how much I miss her.
  4. Sometimes when I meet a girl I like, and I find out she has been in multiple relationships or just a different lifestyle. I have trouble getting over a feeling of disgust. I don't see her the same way I would see a virgin woman, and sometimes I feel sad and a little jealous. Sometimes I feel downright unattracted to women who have gone a little far in their love lives. I know it's not right to have these feelings, but I don't know how to rewire my brain to get rid of them. Anyone have any tips or tricks? I want to date only virgin women the rest of my life, but they are kinda hard to find in my area. So, I might end up falling in love with someone non-virgin, and I don't want these feelings to continuously sabotage my chances at a happy life.
  5. Hi there, I'm Kristen

    Hey Kristen, nice to meet you. I joined a couple of weeks ago.
  6. What is your biggest regret in life?

    If I would change anything it would start at birth. My birth father kinda raised me to be a little stingy, but at the same time he didn't really raise me at all. Basically, I was not allowed to do most sports, and when I did try to do certain sports my mom would pull the "money" or "time" card out on me. I was strictly instructed not to be social and make friends with non-christian and Jewish people as they would corrupt my world view. I just wish I was smart enough to be independent and think on my own during my middle-school and high school years. Then I could have taught myself the basic necessities of life my parents didn't tell me.
  7. So, I've been interested in joining, but I'm really suspicious about the advertSafe security. How do I know it's not some sort of front to steal information? Has anyone had good or bad luck with the site?
  8. Touching is a difficult situation for me because of various psychological reasons that I can identify. Sometimes I have trouble keeping myself from being attracted to a girl and if a girl touches me, then I might have trouble controlling certain bodily functions like a teenage boy. In those situations, I ask them not to touch me and avoid it. The sad thing is that some girls think I'm not interested in them, but the reason I don't like them touching me is exactly the opposite. After I get to know someone for a while, and the crush fades, then I am fine with being touched. I'm actually fine being touched in certain areas by friends and family depending on whether or not I'm clean that day. If I haven't showered, then I don't like being touched at all. Obviously, my best friends are allowed to cross some interesting touch boundaries.
  9. If you could freeze one moment in time...

    Good point Gloria. It's not good to live in the past forever. Having those moments as a part of you is already special, and will forever exist in that point of time no matter what happens in the present and future. And that is something everyone should appreciate.
  10. If you could freeze one moment in time...

    The moment I would relive over and over again would be just sitting on the couch and watching movies with my cousin Vianney. Or maybe going to the aquarium with her and her family. Just little moments in life that I miss doing with the people who are no longer around.
  11. <p>Hey everyone, I was wondering if there are any dating sites people have had luck using in the past to find single virgin women or even non-virgin widows. If I meet someone I love, I am also open to reborn christian women.</p>
  12. All of these, including, "Virgin's are creepy, you are creepy for being a virgin." Then there is my all time favorite, "You'll find a great girl someday." "I just want sex." Still waiting to find that girl. It's good to know some people can read minds.
  13. When I was younger something dramatic happened to me. That mixed with the lack of proper social conditioning and a religious family led me down a road of romantic celibacy.
  14. Hello, my name is Animdre

    Thanks for the warm welcomes.
  15. New Members-Girls Only

    Hey Sally, I'm new here. Can you grant me access to the 18-24 area if you have one.