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  1. Newbie here 😊, my story

    Thank kendra for encouraging me as well. And i sure will... Nice meeting u! Thank you markb
  2. Newbie here 😊, my story

    Thanks again for bring so encouraging fialily, happy for u! Im sure it feels great to have someone that understands.
  3. Hello, my name is Animdre

    Welcome animdre! Im new too
  4. Newbie here 😊, my story

    Thanks a lot egirly and fialily!
  5. Newbie here 😊, my story

    Thanks mstr josh! Thanks a lot tatyana... I appreciate!
  6. New Members-Girls Only

    Hi im new, can i get assess to the girls only area please? Thanks
  7. Hello, I'm linda, 19, virgin, praying to stay that way till I'm married. . Found this site while browsing and searching for a purity ring for my self, like last week. Was having finals so i didnt have time to join but i promised my self to be back, this site looks like what i need right now. I just broke up with my boyfriend because we had different views about sex. He is also a christian, a different type. It was a difficult relationship for me, like he literally talked about sex everyday when we hung out, spoke on the phone and texted. I was this close to forfeiting my promise to God and giving it up, and that is something i dont want happenning again. I need lots of support . This is hard, but i wanna do it.