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  1. Yes I have felt this way (am battling hard with this right now). I am 35 and the month or so before I turned 35 and even now is difficult.. It isn't easy and I understand about wanting to have your own children. Don't lose hope and keep believing your husband is out there.
  2. yes i have been laughed at/made fun of in the past when i was younger, but that was more from co-workers
  3. yes i would. I mean if I really truly knew they were the one.
  4. Did you feel "called" to wait?

    i don't know if i felt called to wait, i just knew waiting was what I personally was suppose to do--not by force but because it was right for me
  5. Hang in there--yes I can relate
  6. Ladies, would you lie to spare a BF's feelings?

    No I would not lie
  7. Too Old For Purity Ring?

    I don't think there is an age limit-I am 35 still waiting and the only reason I don't have/wear my purity ring is because it had to get cut off when my finger nearly got smashed in a car door in college. It is up to you.
  8. Does WTM lead to rushed marriages?

    I think in some cases WTM could lead to rushed marriage, but at the same time when someone is WTM they may think more about who they want to marry because they don't just want to give it away to whomever, so my guess is it depends on the people involved and other factors.
  9. Common Acronyms used on WTM.org

    Sometimes the word "waiters" is also used which refers to people who are waiting till marriage.
  10. My first post:)

    Welcome! Glad you are here. Hope this site will be an encouragement to you.
  11. Willpower

    Willpower is a good start but in the end I don't think it's enough. In my own strength apart from God's grace i don't know how i would have kept waiting this long. But i think willpower does help and having a firm decision a the beginning is helpful.
  12. I decided to wait til marriage because in my opinion sex should be treated as something special and not just casual. i also wanted to obey God and honor my future husband. It isn't always easy but I am almost 35 and still waiting.
  13. This or That!

    very short but meaningful life Cancun or Hawaii? (for vacation)
  14. Pray for Me Please

    hope you keep feeling better--the cold/flu stuff going around this year has been aeful
  15. A lovely hello to all

    welcome to the WTM community! May you find lots of support and encouragement here!
  16. aaaaayyyyyy

    welcome-may this place be one of encouragement, support, and healing of your heartbreak. welcome to the WTM community.
  17. Hii everybody! So happy to have found you. =)

    welcome to the WTM community-Hope you find tons of support and encouragement here.
  18. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome Emily. Hope this site and community is a source of encouragement for you
  19. Do you like your country?

    yes--both the one I am a citizen of and the one I am living and working in
  20. New person :)

    Welcome to the WTM community Kate. May this be a place where you find lots of support and encouragement.
  21. I hope there are others like me!

    welcome to the WTM community.
  22. Greeting from an norwegian atheist

    welcome to the WTM community-may you find tons of encouragement here. We are all in this together-you are not alone.
  23. Hey ya'll

    welcome--and it's ok that you haven't been in a relationship yet- I am 34 and haven't been in a serious one yet---sometimes it takes more time to find that special one. welcome to the WTM community!
  24. Hi I'm new

    welcome-we are glad you are here
  25. I'm from India

    Welcome-we are glad you are here! We have people all over the world as a part of the community! Hope you find encouragement and support here and truly enjoy being here!