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  1. Being re-waiting is respectable too. Even in my very limited dating experience, I understand how someone can get manipulated and make a decision in the moment that maybe they really didn't prefer to make. Hope this site can be an encouragement to you.
  2. Would you date a guy who's still living at home?

    Yes I would
  3. agree with what EB said here relating to marrying future husband
  4. Hey there.

    Welcome to the site! Hope you find lots of encouragement and support here!
  5. Welcome!

    Welcome to the site.
  6. ello virgins :)

    Welcome! hope you find tons of encouragement and support here!
  7. Introducing myself

    Welcome! looking forward to the imput you will have on the forums!
  8. I am new to the site.

    Welcome! hope you enjoy being here at WTM.org!
  9. Greetings :3

    Welcome! hope that you are encouraged, find support, and make some awesome new friends here!
  10. Going on holiday (again)! Will miss everyone again...

    Hope it was a good time!
  11. New Virgin in the house

    Welcome! hope you enjoy it here and find tons of support and encouragement!
  12. I am new here.....

    welcome! Hope you enjoy it here!
  13. Going Abroad

    have fun! very cool idea! Update us when you get back
  14. Cheating during the relationship

    If he cheats because he can't wait, he isn't the one--and there won't be any cheating for me on him either.
  15. STDs

    um scary. We are both getting tested even though i'll be a virgin and hopefully he will be too, but just to be sure.......
  16. If he wasn't able but willing yes I could marry him, although it would be hard. But sex is an expression of love that we would already have for one another rather than sex equaling love. If he was able but not willing I would have problems with that.
  17. How long would you wait for marriage?

    i would like to know the person minimum a year but preferably longer like 2 to 3 years. I know what you're saying about things getting rushed as you get into the 30's and 40's and I am hoping personally that this doesn't happen for me. However sometimes people "just know" they are the one, or tings come together quickly, especially as people are older and know more of what they want.
  18. Driving

    He will have to drive because my eyesight isn't good enough to. Hope he won't mind.
  19. Alcohol/Drinking

    I have tried fruit flavor things (like a sip or two), or sips of friend's drinks probably three times in my life when I was over the age of 21. But I don't like the flavor of alcohol, and have never been drunk.
  20. Hey.

    Welcome Victoria!
  21. No I've never been in love--but maybe that will change someday!
  22. Who here aspires to marry a wealthy man?

    The man being wealthy is not something I am looking for. There are many other things that are more important than money. Sure, it would be nice to have enough to make ends meet and not be struggling all the time financially. But then what I consider "enough" is probably not near what the majority would consider even close to enough income-wise. As long as God would provide for us, through legal, stable jobs and such, I'd be cool with whatever income he and I would have income-wise together. I mean I'm honestly content with what I have materially and i live in a rented bedroom.
  23. Going Abroad

    wow sounds like fun---and what a neat idea to try to meet fellow WTM'ers on the way! Hope you have a great time!
  24. if i did slip up, i would definitely continue to wait