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  1. The Purity Myth

    I think being a virgin is the way it is suppose to be, but also if one is staying a virgin they shouldn't be proud in a negative way thinking they are "better" than everyone else--because if we haven't done the "pre-marital sex thing," we've sinned and made mistakes in other ways.
  2. Ladies, do you like persistence?

    some persistence can be ok but only to a certain point.
  3. Dating coach advice....

    agree if someone's in relationships soley for their own gratification and there is no respect for yourself and who's married already etc there are serious problems.
  4. Dating coach advice....

    scary if you ask me
  5. Having Pets :-)

    Here are my two cockatiels! I love having them to chirp to welcome me when I walk in the door. I am more of a small animal person. It wouldn't be a big deal if my SO was or wasn't an animal person--not a deal breaker at all.
  6. What do you have in your big a** purses?

    I am in the minority group with kendra
  7. very well said and the Green Eggs and Ham analogy----sadly so many want to try it anywhere with anyone Makes me sad to think that has to get empty after awhile and sex is well just sex.
  8. Hello all ^_^

    Welcome! Glad you joined us!
  9. sorry, hopefully no hard feelings

    Glad you stopped by Kari and wish you the best on your journey.
  10. Telling Your Kids About Waiting

    I think what Ian said about teaching them to respect themselves is important too. Hopefully then, even if they chose not to wait, they won't just give themselves to the first guy/girl that walks in the door paying them attention. I'd love them no matter what of course.
  11. Why are adult virgins considered to be backwards in our society? Partly because we live in a "do as you please as long as it doesn't 'hurt anyone else' society." And if your personal definition of "doing as you please" means you're NOT "doing some of the things that other people normally do," people think'\ it's wierd. Sad isn't it!
  12. Polyamory & "Open" Relationships

    I would definitely break off the relationship
  13. are you hinting that you are engaged, Sally?
  14. Where have you been all my life?! :o

    Welcome to WTM.org! Hope you find tons of support and encouragement here.
  15. Teaching on sex

    LOL on the first comment! definitely agree with the second!
  16. Telling Your Kids About Waiting

    I think I would just tell them my experience, share with them the reasons why I waited and encourage them to consider doing the same.
  17. Marrying a Transgender Person

    agree with Vince!
  18. Dating Abroad

    I would date someone fro another country, since I currently live and work in a different country than my country of birth and citizenship, but there would be lots of challenges as to understanding where the other person comes from regarding cultural background etc. There would have to be a lot of healthy communication.
  19. I totally would move abroad if he was the right person, I mean I already moved abroad for my current job.
  20. Just wondering: Do women really want to stay with one man?

    Waiting for one man and one man only. I would also say that we all (including women) struggle with fantasy to some degree.
  21. "Hanging out" in the bedroom

    nope no bedroom before marriage for me
  22. Hello Site!

    we really are glad you are here and were among one of the first to join
  23. Cheating during the relationship

    Good idea!
  24. yes i would date someone from here!