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  1. Isn’t this refreshing?

    Welcome to the site Madison. May you receive the encouragement and support you deserve here! holdingtohope
  2. I can relate to your feelings and thoughts. For me I want more than anything to marry a "waiter" very much--someone with convictions, that respects himself and me and no I don't want the "previous baggage" from his past sexual relationships. I want to experience that gift with him and learn together. It DOES hurt to think my future husband may not be waiting. In some ways it feels frustrating to possibly be waiting for someone that may not have waited for me. Sex isn't something to just "give out to whomever." But I also know that grace and real love cover a multitude of wrongs. It is late here so I will try to write more when I can think better, but I just wanted you to know you are definitely NOT alone n your thoughts and frustrations.
  3. "waiters" works among ourselves because we know we most likely aren't talking about waiting tables in most cases, unless it's someone's job, but WTMer explains better about what we are waiting about...and it might give us chances to explain that to people, so I think it is good. ok maybe I need to go back to English grammar class to learn how to write decent! LOL!
  4. Hiya! I'm new :)

    welcome Adele, agree with your statement. Hope you find this site encouraging as you WTM! holdingtohope
  5. i have definitely made up my mind 100% to wait so I don't really have doubts but at times it is hard because I do desire the marriage/family thing, but I will just have to see what happens in life. I can't imagine just giving it away outside of marriage after waiting all thi stime.
  6. How many languages can you speak?

    English and Spanish--
  7. I was just really looking for some encouragement (because sometimes it gets hard to wait) and found this site. So glad I found it!
  8. Hi Everyone-introduction

    Thanks Sally!
  9. Hi Everyone-introduction

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and am excited that something like this exists. It is cool that other people are out there waiting for marriage. I do have a personal relationship with Jesus (Christian. Anyways I am a female and 33 years old. I enjoy my work in a cross cultural context outside of the USA and am excited to interact on the forums with some of you. Sometimes waiting is hard at my age (sometimes I feel it gets harder with each year that passes) but I am thankful that so far I have been able to keep to my values. this forum is such a neat idea to just encourage others. Have a great day. holding to hope
  10. Hi Everyone-introduction

    Thanks dulcexox--so encouragig to hear that you are waiting too!
  11. Hi Everyone-introduction

    that is so awesome lookingfortheone---it is so cool to hear about guys especially tat wait! May God give you the desires of your heart and thanks for the encouragement.
  12. Hi Everyone-introduction

    Thanks for your words slayerofdragon, they were very encouraging
  13. Hi Everyone-introduction

    Thank you so much! So far I am finding this very encouraging! This web site is an awesome idea--how long have you had it up an running? have a great day!
  14. Hi Everyone-introduction

    hi "Thatguy" it is so awesome that you are 26 and still waiting! Yes i am finding this site really encouraging so far! Have a wonderful day!
  15. Hi Everyone-introduction

    Thanks Claire! yes I am finding this site encouraging so far Have a great night! And it's awesome to see you sticking to your personal decision. Let's talk more sometime. holding to hope
  16. Hi Everyone-introduction

    wesome--send me a pm anytime. I will try to get on here tomorrow evening and we can talk more of you like a
  17. Hi Everyone-introduction

    I began working on learning Spanish when I was in 7th grade or so but didn't really start enjoying it until I went to college---and just worked on it from there so I guess I knew some before I came to Mexico but the real growth has come in learning by living here, hearing it every day, using it for survival and work and interacting with people. Yeah if you ever have questions regarding Spanish I could help you. I have a friend who is learning in a home school situation so I help her once a week to explain things and answer her questions.
  18. Hi Everyone-introduction

    Hi onehappygirl--yes I speak Spanish every day! learning another language and culture is fun and lots of work . Spanish is my second language so I wouldn't say I am fluent but at a good conversational level. Where are you from? What are you doing in life right now? Take care and have a great evening
  19. Hi Everyone-introduction

    hi Onehappygirl- Yes I am definitely waiting oh and I work in Mexico--studied intercultural studies in college.. I definitely have had a lot of unique opportnities in life. Thanks for your kind greeting!