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  1. New Admin & New Article!

    Congratulations Matt!
  2. How many languages do you speak?

    English and Spanish
  3. Hobbies--Things you enjoy?

    Hi Everyone, I was just curious what kinds of hobbies or things you enjoy doing when you have the time? Not sure if this has been asked before.
  4. Scared of Divorce

    Yeah divorce scares me--whoever I marry we BOTH better be 200% sure it is the right decision--because divorce isn't going to be an option no matter what and we're married truly till death does us part.
  5. What do you do when.......

    Thanks everyone.
  6. Hi Everyone, What do you do when someone keeps showing interest in you and asking you out but you keep saying no because you know there is absolutely no way the relationship will work, but they won't stop asking? Thanks
  7. someone who refuses to marry without sex before marriage is not the one for me--plain and simple
  8. What do you do when.......

    yes unfortunately and there's not a way i can get out of it. I wish I had a real relationship in my life so i could truthfully tell him I was taken
  9. Kissing for fun

    I really dont see myself kissing for fun---when I was younger once, I did, and wished I wouldn't have.
  10. Children shold be after marriage
  11. What is your dream job?...

    My dream job was being a missionary in Mexico and yes i am currently doing it.
  12. Hi everyone, So just a quick question. What is the most challenging part of waiting for you and what do you do that helps you deal with that challenge? Thought this could be a way to help one another.
  13. prefer to save that for marriage
  14. Are you a virgin?

    Yes I am a virgin
  15. I think it would be cool if our first kiss was at the altar but I'm not sure how that would go realistically
  16. Do you think you're marriage material?

    I believe I am marriage material, but to the right person.
  17. I wouldn't really go for the arranged marriage but would welcome suggestions from people that truly know me well and want what is best for me of options of men to casually get to know/build friendships with.
  18. what are you feelings on...

    Divorce--against it Abortion---against it--I was one of those that the doctor advised my parents to abort---and they said no. children--totally want them!
  19. Saving what's left of me...

    Welcome! Thanks for sharing your story and hope you find tons of encouragement and support here.
  20. Sick Spouse

    I'm not just going to" stay away from" my future husband when he gets sick---we're married in sickness and in health. I'm all up for hugging kissing and everything else as long as he feels up to it physically.
  21. One Flesh

    very well said
  22. new virgin here

    welcome to the forums--I am 35--not far behind you.
  23. How to keep yourself JOYFUL and EXCITED as you WAIT?

    Exactly and I think there is also joy in knowing we are honoring and trusting Him as we wait
  24. Introvert or Extrovert?

    I am introverted--like to talk to people one one one if i know them well, or be in small groups.