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  1. Man caves

    I like music so this would be a cool cave.
  2. Post your favorite america/britain/etc got talent / idol videos

    Charlotte and Jonathan - Britain's Got Talent
  3. 50 Shades of Gray

    I don't plan on watching it. It's not my cup of tea. Although, speaking of Fifty Shades of Gray, I found this item.
  4. Offensive words for guys

    First of all, Jegs I think what those guys did to you in high school is pretty low. They are scum. Sorry for the harsh words, but I have zero tolerance for people who talk to others like that. You deserve to be treated better Jegs. Second of all, I think you hit the nail on the head Jegs (at least for me). What hurts me the most is when people attack my masculinity. For example, I remember getting emotional one time, and someone told me, "Stop crying, men don't cry." I just remember looking at that person and ever so slowly walking away from the situation, but I still had a sickening feeling inside.
  5. Words and phrases you misunderstood as a child

    I can't think of any words or phrases but I do remember a funny memory from childhood. I was pouring what I thought was orange juice into a cup for my brother and me. I'm glad I tasted it first. It turned out not to be orange juice but chicken broth. On the otherhand, my nephew pointed out of the window and shouted, "Salad Bowl!" It took me a while to figure out what he meant. He was referring to the gardener whose name was Salvador.
  6. Best Friends?

    I'm glad you found someone (boyfriend or not) who is like your best friend. For me, I have never had that type of relationship in my life that you have described. The closest would probably be the relationship I have with my sister. She is like my best friend because we get along well and she has seen me through the good and bad times of life. Well, I'm a traditionalist, so I think I would be the one to take the risk; although, if she took the risk I wouldn't mind. I just feel I have a strong inclination to be the risk taker in that case. If I were to ask her for a relationship and she didn't reciprocate, I don't think I would feel devastated (maybe disappointed), but I would hope we could still be best friends.
  7. The Importance of Attraction

    I think both elements are important. On the one hand, I think liking a woman's personality can be a precursor to me being attracted to her. On the other hand, if I'm attracted to a woman I would want to get to know her personality. For me, attractiveness isn't necessarily about the physical, it can also be about the little things (how does she treat others, what are her values etc.).
  8. I made the decision to wait till marriage during college years (early 20s). My parents, sister, friends on this site, and even my choir director's friends knew about my decision. That conversation was interesting and it went something like this: Situation: I was sitting in a garage with a bunch of older Filipino men. We were relaxing after a jam session. (Suddenly, a man spoke to me). Man: So, you have a GF yet? Me: Nope. Man: Well, you should go to the Philippines and have sex with a bunch of Filipino women, They're a lot of good looking women in the Philipinnes. Me: Thanks, but I want to have sex with one wife. (Awkward silence follows).
  9. Prayer Requests For A Baby

    Hey Guys, A friend from my church choir asked me to pass on his message. Here's his message: My Bros, I was going to mention this yesterday, but caught up with the practice. My nephew's son was born with a rare heart condition. His doctor offered 3 options: heart transplant, heart surgery, or let the baby go. Obviously, the parents won't go for the third option. They currently reside in Guam, and the resources there for this type of heart condition is next to nothing. The only feasible option is to air medevac the baby here at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles for surgery. However, the cost of transporting the baby is around $185K. They don't have the Insurance to cover this type of transport. The baby has to be operated on within a week. They have set up a foundation(http:/ to raise the funds needed to pay for the transport. If you could find it in your heart to donate, pls do so, I know your prayers are already with the baby as you read this. Their story has been published on one of Guam's newspaper to ask for public assistance. However, they are still way short of the required funds to finance this endeavor. Pls spread the word to all your friends, acquaintances, constituents, co-workers, etc.... and help us save the baby. Thank you for all your help, I'm forever indebted to you all. God bless. Bro Gene Thanks for reading my post.
  10. What was the last film you watched?

    Captain Phillips. It was a good movie.
  11. I think my answer is a combination of Jeg and Vince's posts. On the one hand, I know I have a desire for sex but it's framed within a relationship centered in marriage. I also want the physical and emotional intimacy too. I also want to use the word wife in context and to share moments found in a married couple's life. On the other hand, I also know i have sexual urges but I want those urges to be used as an expression of love(used in marriage) which is not only has physical pleasure and emotional connection but procreation as well. However, to answer the original OP, I do think people will answer this question differently. For me, when I was in my younger 20s, I didn't think much about marriage. I was more concerned with reaching a specific goal. As I got older,however, my thoughts about marriage have changed and I do want to be married. I don't think I'll be devastated if I don't get married but I would probably be a little upset.
  12. Act of kindness helps elderly man honour late wife

    Sweet video Jegs. It made me warm and squishy. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Batman. He's smart, a brilliant strategist, and can kick some major butt with his plethora of tools and hand to hand skills. He's awesome.
  14. I'm not a fan of folding laundry. When I look at a pile of laundry I need to fold, I want to shout laundry completem.
  15. Chivalry. Dead or Dormant?

    IMHO, I don't think chivalry is dead or dormant in this day and age, but it's something that hasn't been taught so much. I was also raised with traditional values so chivalry is something that comes naturally to me. For me, being chivalrous (opening the doors for women, taking care of the check, pushing the shopping cart) is something that I do for all women and not just the woman that I like.
  16. Introverts/Extroverts

    How do you see yourself? Introvert. Although, now I am more outgoing and talkative. However, it can take me a while to talk to you; I need to warm up first . What does that mean? Well, for me, it sometimes means moments of silence lol. In those moments, I listen more than talk. On the other hand, I do remember my high school days (I was really quiet and shy). I think I still possess those characteristics just not in large quantities as before. How do you THINK others see you? Good question. Well, for some who do know me, I think they realize that I can be my introverted and shy self. For some that don't know me, sometimes, I get the impression that they might be confused by my behavior. When I went to a family gathering years ago, one of my relatives who I haven't really spoken to on a regular basis thought something was wrong with me because I was quiet and I liked to keep to myself. I also have the feeling of being overwhelmed by a group of people after a given amount of time. I just need to get away, .
  17. "Meet the Mods" Submit Your Questions (open for a week)

    Chuck Norris is awesome! Roundhouse kick for the win! I like Walker too . Aww.. you won't go on. Well, I'll continue, here's the theme song.
  18. What is your favorite baked good?

    I like cookies(like this one). Okay guys, just a friendly reminder: No need for debate here. This is about feelings and tastebuds. However, if you want to provide a Harvard study citing the fact that eating a Nestle Toll house chocolate chip cookie creates higher levels of euphoria than consuming a Cadbury creme egg you are free to do so, since I'll be happy to read that study (I'm a chocolate lover) and need to know where I can receive my next chocolate high. But, I'm just being goofy here . Carry on...
  19. Flu Virus

    Awww....sorry to hear that Stacie. The flu is no fun at all . Fortunately, I haven't caught it, but I do wish you the best in your recovery.

    Awesome video Libs! I'm proud of you,.
  21. Phantom of the Opera Appreciation thread

    Ok, I have no clue what is the meaning of the last sentence, but it does sound dreadful lol.Here's an acoustic guitar rendition of The Phantom of The Opera Main Theme.
  22. Golf clap!! Well-said Vince.I second what Vince posted. CF, I'm sorry to hear about your experiences and I wished it didn't happen to you. But, I'm glad you are here and able to share your feelings with the rest of us. My two cents would be: Don't feel obligated to be open past your comfort level because trust has to be earned. Take the time to get to know the person and go at your own pace.
  23. Is your zodiac sign a dog? I love dogs.
  24. Happy New Year 2015, guys!

    Dang Jegs, that video was awesome. I loved your voice,'twas beautiful . Happy New Year everyone!
  25. "Wax on, Wax off" - Mr. Miyagi from "The Karate Kid" (1984)