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  1. I also think it is admirable to be a parental figure to niece and nephews. Would I date a woman who is an auntie and taking care of her nephews and nieces? Yes, I would date her and my thoughts are similar to Vince on that issue.
  2. Women who go grey early...

    I am okay with it since I think it's something that people can't really control. I mean, yeah there are dyes and hair coloring and such, but I think getting gray hair is normal. I even have some gray hair on my head from time to time.
  3. Hello from Italy!

    Welcome, .
  4. Proposals

    I think about how I will propose too. My thinking is comprised of both of your questions photogirl 1) I have ideas of how I will propose to her and 2)my proposals are tailored to how she is like. So, for me, I don't have one way of proposing it all depends on who she is as a person.
  5. Who's your favorite music artist?

    Bands: Eagles, Weezer, Queen, Gun's n Roses Singers: Jim Croce, Eric Clapton, Andre Bocelli, Simon and Garfunkel Favorite Genres: Folk, Rock, Blues
  6. Date

    Queen, on 24 Jun 2015 - 4:36 PM, said: I would probably take her out to a casual place (like going bowling, chatting at a local coffeehouse, going to a museum or art galley). When we get to know each other better, I would like to take her out to a restaurant or even cook for her like in the movie "Chef" where he makes pasta Aglio o Olio for Scarlet Johansson (which looks like this btw).
  7. Would You Marry Someone Exactly Like You?

    No, I don't think I would marry someone who is exactly like me. Although, I would like it if we had the same values or even beliefs. However, if we had some difference that would be okay too (like if she was more outspoken than me, I wouldn't mind that since I'm a quiet guy).
  8. Guys, who pays?

    I would take the check and pay it. I'm like Vince in the sense that I'm also a traditionalist. I don't mind if a woman pays but I feel I have a natural inclination to take that bill and hopefully make her feel special by the gesture.
  9. I'm MARRIED!! 6-13-15. Our story :)

  10. Hey DHZ, I'll have to admit here that I know a little bit about how you are feeling. I'm also close to 30 and sometimes I do wonder if I will be alone forever too. I have also done similar things that you have mentioned: increase self-confidence, fight depression, change the way I think, talk to God etc.., and sometimes it does feel like I don't see any immediate results. However, keep at it! You write that you only make changes for a week or two. Well, I think that's a step in the right direction. Sometimes, we might not see the fruits of our labor, but I do think people do notice (men and women). Also, I think bettering yourself gives you benefits in life (and not just in romantic relationships). I think it's natural to want love. However, I think we can sometimes get caught up in the destination of something(myself included) like wanting a relationship that we might miss the road it took to get us there. In other words, when we think about the destination it may start to affect us in different ways (emotionally, physically etc..). We may start to have concerns like "Am I good enough for someone, or maybe if I exercise more I will look more attractive." For me, my concerns would be, "Would a woman like me more if I'm more outspoken (I'm a quiet person) or maybe if I was a little taller I would look more attractive." For me, I think what it comes down to is comfortability. That is being comfortable with who you are the present moment, that maybe this where you are supposed to be right now (and I'll admit this type of self-talk is sometimes a struggle for me, but something I try to do nonetheless).
  11. Going to Rome...

    Thanks for sharing with us your awesome experience in Rome. About the Swiss guard: You are right Jegs about the requirements. I thought about being a Swiss guard once but then I realized it was impossible after looking up requirements because 1) you need to be a Swiss citizen and I'm American and 2) you need to be 5 feet 8 inches (174 cm) and I'm not that height. I'm think Vince appreciates the vegan flavored ice cream shout out hehe.
  12. Flowers

    I wouldn't mind if she got me flowers. (like Dendrobium Orchids)
  13. Hey Everybody, I have an announcement: Slayerofdragon is the new Guys Only Admin. I am taking the place of Markb4 and helping the other admins slay dragon, trolls, and what nots. If you are a guy and want access to this "man cave", please PM me. Special thanks to Markb4 for his time and talents given to the community and to the site. You have been instrumental in helping to make the community and the site what it is today. You will be missed! -Chris
  14. Going to Rome...

    Hope your trip to Rome is a fun and safe one, . I hear the pasta is excellent.
  15. "Meet the Mods" Submit Your Questions (open for a week)

    I guess it's my turn now. A/S/L 29/M/California, USA Did your parents raise you with a specific religion? If so, which one, and do you still practice it? I was raised Catholic and I still follow and practice it. Although, when I was in college, I thought I wanted to become a Buddhist. What is your day job? I tutor high school students in mathematics. What is your realistic dream job? Occupational therapist. I want to help people engage in activities that are meaningful to them (like being able to play a musical instrument). What is your fantasy dream job? Aside from copying Vince’s answer (loving father and husband), I wouldn’t mind being a college professor in Religious Studies specializing in East Asian religions. I want to write the books lol. What's your college major and/or what's your degree in? Philosophy If you could only watch 5 movies for the rest of your life, which movies would you pick? Sound of Music Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney). The “Hellfire” song is oh so cool! Rocky 4 Spirited Away (Miyazaki) Schindler's List Your five favorite books? Harry Potter Life Is Worth Living The Screwtape Letters The Great Train Robbery A Walk to Remember Hobbies? Music (I play acoustic guitar in my choir) Chess Reading Cooking What you consider your greatest achievement in life so far? Hmmm… that’s a hard one. I would probably say receiving my second degree black belt in martial arts after 10+ years of study. What motivates/motivated you to WTM Well, partly my religious beliefs, but I also want to save myself for my future wife. I want to share that special intimacy with just one person. What is your favorite word? Why? Chihuahua. I like how it rolls off the tongue (chi-hua-hua) What is your least favorite word? Why? F-word. It’s just not so appealing to me. In case of a 'Zombie Apocalypse' (lets just play that it could happen), what 4 actors would you choose to be a part of your group to help you survive (recent or actors from the past, it's imaginary... anything goes)? Is there a reason, or are you just crushing on them? Chuck Norris because he is awesome, and… mind is blank right now. Can we choose animal actors? Like Toto from the Wizard of Oz, the Arabian horse (Cass Ole) from The Black Stallion, or Tai the Asian elephant from Operation Dumbo Drop. On second thought, Toto might get eaten pretty quickly. Oh dear, . Do you come from a big family (say 3-8, or whatever, siblings... lots of aunts/uncles, etc) or a small family? Did/do you enjoy it? I’m the youngest of four children (two boys/two girls) with a mom and dad and have an identical twin brother. Do I like being a twin? For the most part, yes I do like it. On the other hand, when I was growing up, we shared everything: clothes, toys, and a bedroom at one point. I was happy when I finally had my room. As far as extended family goes, I also have a large family on my mother’s side. She is the third of 11 children, so there are a lot of cousins there.
  16. Can a Catholic marry a Christian and vice-versa?

    I will have to agree with you. I also think a person shouldn't be forced to convert to a religion; he or she should make the choice him or herself. In the case of my parents marriage, my dad made the choice to convert to Catholicsm. I also have a similar worry about raising my children with different forms of Christianity. I dont want to put my children under the situation where they would have to pick( side with dad with his faith or mom with her faith). Instead, I would want my wife and me to have the same religion background so that both of us can give our children a good religious foundation. I also see benefits if both parents have the same religion background: it can help create a stronger bond between them which I think would have positive effects in their relationship( helps their relationship grow in other ways).
  17. Can a Catholic marry a Christian and vice-versa?

    Jegs is right here. My mom is Catholic and she married my dad who was non-catholic and non-religious at the time (he later converted to Catholicism later in my teens). My mom had to receive a dispensation from bishop and fortunately my dad wasn't against raising the kids Catholic. However, my mom did tell me that in the early years of her marriage it was difficult since she couldn't really share her Catholic faith with her husband. I also have family friends whose marriages are inter-denominational or inter-faith( Catholic marries Protestant or Christian marries non-Christian and there have been some difficulties in their marriages because of it) That said, I would prefer it if my wife was Catholic: I want to share my faith with her and with our future children. So, I do agree with Jegs and Vince, I do think it's important for the wife and husband to be on the same page religiously.
  18. Spousal Abuse

    I agree with you. I think abuse can come in many forms: physical,sexual, emotional, verbal etc. For me, I think there are better positive ways to deal with your anger: counseling or self timeouts come to mind.
  19. Where would you like to be kissed?

    Probably, but your question leads me to another question: Do guys still carry hanker chiefs? I know as I guy I still do (it's something that I was taught to do growing up). I wouldn't mind kissing her on her face (including forehead), neck, shoulders, arms and hand. Anything below the neck line I"m saving for marriage.
  20. Ask a Catholic! (i.e, me...)

    Jegsy Scarr, on 06 May 2015 - 4:41 PM, said: It probably wouldn't have been a sin per se for him to have consummated the marriage to Mary, but it'd be very unfitting - she's been chosen to bear God's son, and her body has become God's physical temple. It's fitting for her to remain a virgin, for God alone. Invincible, on 06 May 2015 - 10:57 PM, said: Is it fitting for the King of kings, the Alpha and the Omega to be born into poverty in a smelly, dirty manger? Is it fitting for God Himself to be tortured, beaten, mocked and executed in disgrace? Not at all. So it's fallacious to base the Perpetual Virginity on the idea that it's just not fitting. Jesus deserves all the praise and glory that is due to Him, yet He chose to humble Himself and become one of us to give His life in the most horrific way possible. I think I'll have to side with Jegs on her point about Mary's Perpetual Virginity; although, I do agree with you Vince that is unfitting that Jesus be mocked, beaten,and to die on the cross and yet he chose to humble himself and become one of us and in the process to suffer and die on the cross (a death that was reserved for criminals). Here's my argument: Question: Why is there a virgin birth? Well, if you think about it, Jesus could have come into the world another way (he wouldn't need to be born). Yet, he choose to be born of a virgin. Why? Well, I think it would make sense to say Jesus needed to be born from a woman who is very good to bring him into this world. If the woman wasn't very good ( didn't possess human purity), there would be difficulty: namely, how could he be sinless if he was born from a sin-laden humanity? If he was born of a sinful woman, wouldn't he partake in the guilt and sin that is shared by all humanity? So, there is a problem here: How could God become man and yet be a sinless man? First of all, he had to be man in order that he might be involved in someway in our humanity and take upon himself sins. But, at the same time, though Jesus had to be a perfect man he couldn't be a sinful man - a sinless man. He had to be outside the "current" of sin that has infected humanity. For example, imagine a ship that is sailing through foul waters heading into clear waters. In order for the two waters to not mix, a lock is placed between the two waters. The ship comes into the lock where the foul waters are separated , then the ship is lifted into the clear waters. Thus, Jesus somehow had to be related ( in so much as he was a man) to the sin of humanity and at the same time he had to be sinless so that he wouldn't need redemption but be the Redeemer. Now, the lock that lifted Jesus from the "current" of sin and made him the sinless man was the virgin birth.
  21. Man caves

    Now I know where to go when the zombie apocalypse occurs: I'll visit Vince's panic room, grab a rifle (or two), and enjoy the comforts of Vince's game room (love the pinball machine btw) while on a break from slaying zombies.
  22. Man caves

    I like music so this would be a cool cave.
  23. Post your favorite america/britain/etc got talent / idol videos

    Charlotte and Jonathan - Britain's Got Talent
  24. 50 Shades of Gray

    I don't plan on watching it. It's not my cup of tea. Although, speaking of Fifty Shades of Gray, I found this item.
  25. Offensive words for guys

    First of all, Jegs I think what those guys did to you in high school is pretty low. They are scum. Sorry for the harsh words, but I have zero tolerance for people who talk to others like that. You deserve to be treated better Jegs. Second of all, I think you hit the nail on the head Jegs (at least for me). What hurts me the most is when people attack my masculinity. For example, I remember getting emotional one time, and someone told me, "Stop crying, men don't cry." I just remember looking at that person and ever so slowly walking away from the situation, but I still had a sickening feeling inside.