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  1. Intimate disclosure...and tattle

    I agree with vince and feel the same way. I also wouldnt want to share my marital sex life with others and i know i woud try to honor my wife by not revealing her personal details either.
  2. Ask a Catholic! (i.e, me...)

    I think this is a case where the media takes Pope Francis' words out of context. Here is the speech he gave to the meeting of the young people in Turin that the articles reference: In that talk, a central theme in his speech was he was telling the young people of Turin to go against the grain, swim against the tide. How do they do that? Pope Francis mentioned three things: love, life, and friends and a common denominator they all share is the desire to live. Pope Francis said that love sacrifices itself for others. Love is service. He gives an example of Jesus washing his disciples feet as an example of love. However, Pope Francis brought up the point about their being distrust in life and whether it is worth living in love. Here is the paragraph that the media quotes: Very often we breathe an air of distrust in life. There are situations that make us think, 'But is it worth living like this?'. I think of the wars in this world. At times I have said that we are living a third world war, but in pieces. There is war in Europe, there is war in Africa, there is war in the Middle East, there is war in other countries ... But can I trust in a life like this? Can I trust world leaders? When I go to vote for a candidate, can I trust that he or she will not take my country to war? If you trust only in men, you have lost! Think of the people, leaders, entrepreneurs, who say they are Christians and then produce weapons! They say one thing and do another. Hypocrisy … But we see what happened during the last century: in 1914, or rather in 1915 precisely. There was the great tragedy in Armenia. Many people died. I do not know how many, but certainly more than a million. Where were the great powers of the time? They looked away. Why? Because they were interested in war: their war! And those who died, they were second class people, human beings. Then, in the 1930s and 1940s, the tragedy of the Shoah. The great powers had photographed the railway lines that carried the trains to the concentration camps, such as Auschwitz, to kill Jews, and also Christians, Roma, homosexuals, to kill them there. But tell me, why did they not bomb them? Interests! And soon after, almost at the same time, there were the lagers in Russia: Stalin … how many Christians suffered and were killed. The great powers divided Europe like a cake. Many years had to pass before reaching a certain 'freedom'. There is the hypocrisy of speaking about peace and producing arms, and even selling weapons to this one, who is at war with that one, and to that one who is at war with this!” In this paragraph, he was talking about arms dealers and genocide and he wasn't referencing law abiding gun owners or privately owned legal firearms. The "great tragedy in Armenia" was a genocide. "The Shoah" was the Holocaust. Pope Francis isn't talking about you or me owning a legal firearm for sport, hunting, or self-defense. He's talking about war and genocide. Did he say that clearly? No, but in his speeches he has said things that are off the cuff and impromptu and the media sometimes grabs onto his remarks. So, what was his speech telling the young people? Pope Francis was saying to go against the grain you need three things: to understand the meaning of love, trust in life, and the importance of sharing ideals. In the first paragraph, he explained the meaning of love. In the second paragraph, he created a shift "very often we breathe an air of distrust in life" and gave an example of the wars in the world (the genocide and arm dealers). In the third paragraph, he talked about that even though there is distrust in life, there is waste. He then gives the example of the student who is unemployed, who cannot study who lives with the shame of feeling unworthy because he doesn't have a job and doesn't earn life. In the fourth paragraph, he talked about easing the sense of distrust in life by connecting with others through shared ideals. I know many people reading my post aren't Catholic but I thought I would give a detailed outline of what Pope Francis was saying in his speech to disprove the nit picking the media is doing here. Last point to make here: Pope Francis was making an impromptu speech and not an Ex-Cathedra statement.
  3. Would you want your SO to get work done

    I agree with Vince. I can understand the need to "get work done" if it was for health reasons. I also want a woman who is natural in how she looks (which would include eating right and exercising). The other stuff I feel would be unnecessary.
  4. I suggest being friends first. It might help ease your feelings of nervousness or whatever feelings about you that may inhibit you from having a normal relationship with this person (since you aren't forced to act a certain way but just be yourself ). i also read somewhere that as friends easing yourselves into a relationship may be easier than starting from the relationship itself. On the plus side, i heard that a good friend makes a good lover. Best of luck
  5. What's one thing you want to do in your lifetime?

    You guys aren't alone. I want it too. Aside from wanting to have sex, i probably would say a trip on the Orient Express.
  6. - play my guitar -write in my journal - read a book
  7. I agree with what people have posted. I think a university (religious or otherwise) is supposed to challenge you intellectually. That could mean introducing you to ideas or concepts that you may or may not agree with. A TA once told my class that a university education "teaches you how to learn." From my own university experience, I was challenged intellectually. For example, I remember reading Friedrich Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morality. As a Christian, his work was difficult to read. However, reading his work, helped me develop my personal philosophy of religion.
  8. Articles: Respect in marriage

    I also agree with both lists. Thanks for sharing these articles.
  9. Just thought i'd share an article i found on a blog written by a man who is waiting till marriage. Link:
  10. To christian guys

    My feelings are very similar to Vince. I would also get emotional and hold her too. I would make sure to be there for her as she goes through her own process of healing. If there was a chance that she couldn't have children, would i still love her? Absolutely! I would still feel she has dignity and worth. As for the abusive men in the story, that would be another matter: i really don't have tolerance for that type of behavior. Therefore, I would view them more as mere insects than human beings and i hope i don't meet them in person cause i would strongly feel obligated to administer my own form of justice chuck norris style.
  11. Have you ever been arrested?

    That has happened to me too.
  12. Good Girls Exist

    Welcome to the site,
  13. Appearance!

    Zeke, Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us about male appearance. I am sorry to hear about your past experiences and the fact that you still struggle because of them. You are probably have heard of the English nursery rhyme, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me." Well, I don't believe it. I do think words can hurt someone as much as sticks or stones. I know my own past experiences have in a way affected my perception of myself. Finally, you wrote, "This is with me in the best shape of my life." and to me this stands out in your post. I think that it is great that you feel that way and I think it is something to hold onto, something to remmember. Yes, there will always be people that criticize you but I think you yourself know deep down how you perceive yourself and I think that is valuable. Hang in there, .
  14. Looking at this list made me think more of an interrogation(like you see in one of those spy movies).
  15. Appearance!

    Nope, .
  16. Appearance!

    To answer your thread Jegs, i do feel society places expectations on guy's appearance. For example, i remembering watching a bow flex commercial (it's an exercise machine btw) that tells viewers if you want toned arms or a chiseled core try our product. I have seen many movies were guys have six pack. Unfortunately, looking at myself now even after my exercise, i realize i dont have those things and i will admit i do get a little depressed. I just hope my future wife will look past my average looking appearance and be more attracted to other things like maybe my character or even personality.
  17. Sexual Confidence

    For me, I know might have some performance anxiety. That's because as a male i feel society places certain expectations on me such as men are supposed to have confidence in bed or even have multiple partners so i can get some "practice" before the ideal relationship comes my way. Well, i hate to burst your bubble society but I just don't posses or want those things. I do hope that when the wedding night comes my anxiety will be alleviated. I hope my future wife will be loving, compassionate, and especially patience with me.
  18. Hello Fellow Posters

    Welcome Ringer to the site, .
  19. Motivation Thread

    Guitarist plays his instrument with his feet.
  20. Hello from Russia

    Welcome to the site, .
  21. A long conversation with a good friend.
  22. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading these guidelines and the short story .
  23. What makes us beautiful

    CrystalFaerie, Thank you for sharing your beautiful post. As someone who has also experienced PTSD, I can relate a little with what you have felt: the emotional fragility, nervousness, self-consciousness etc.. Your post reminded me that no matter the challenges life throws at us (like PTSD) we are still beautiful inside.
  24. Comfy clothes around the house...

    In terms of wearing men's pajama bottoms or boxers to bed, I think I would be okay with it. To me, comfort is comfort. Besides, I know I don't think about what women wear to bed. Now if I was married to her and she wanted to wear my underwear to bed, sweater, or take some ties of mine I don't think I would be mine (although my first thought right now would be one of surprise since I am not used to this behavior). I would hope this is a topic my gf and me would explore before marriage, so there wouldn't be no unexpected questions or concerns regarding this topic for either one of us.
  25. What's your favorite show on Netflix?

    White Collar