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  1. Just thought i'd share an article i found on a blog written by a man who is waiting till marriage. Link:
  2. To christian guys

    My feelings are very similar to Vince. I would also get emotional and hold her too. I would make sure to be there for her as she goes through her own process of healing. If there was a chance that she couldn't have children, would i still love her? Absolutely! I would still feel she has dignity and worth. As for the abusive men in the story, that would be another matter: i really don't have tolerance for that type of behavior. Therefore, I would view them more as mere insects than human beings and i hope i don't meet them in person cause i would strongly feel obligated to administer my own form of justice chuck norris style.
  3. Have you ever been arrested?

    That has happened to me too.
  4. Good Girls Exist

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  5. Appearance!

    Zeke, Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us about male appearance. I am sorry to hear about your past experiences and the fact that you still struggle because of them. You are probably have heard of the English nursery rhyme, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me." Well, I don't believe it. I do think words can hurt someone as much as sticks or stones. I know my own past experiences have in a way affected my perception of myself. Finally, you wrote, "This is with me in the best shape of my life." and to me this stands out in your post. I think that it is great that you feel that way and I think it is something to hold onto, something to remmember. Yes, there will always be people that criticize you but I think you yourself know deep down how you perceive yourself and I think that is valuable. Hang in there, .
  6. Looking at this list made me think more of an interrogation(like you see in one of those spy movies).
  7. Appearance!

    Nope, .
  8. Appearance!

    To answer your thread Jegs, i do feel society places expectations on guy's appearance. For example, i remembering watching a bow flex commercial (it's an exercise machine btw) that tells viewers if you want toned arms or a chiseled core try our product. I have seen many movies were guys have six pack. Unfortunately, looking at myself now even after my exercise, i realize i dont have those things and i will admit i do get a little depressed. I just hope my future wife will look past my average looking appearance and be more attracted to other things like maybe my character or even personality.
  9. Sexual Confidence

    For me, I know might have some performance anxiety. That's because as a male i feel society places certain expectations on me such as men are supposed to have confidence in bed or even have multiple partners so i can get some "practice" before the ideal relationship comes my way. Well, i hate to burst your bubble society but I just don't posses or want those things. I do hope that when the wedding night comes my anxiety will be alleviated. I hope my future wife will be loving, compassionate, and especially patience with me.
  10. Hello Fellow Posters

    Welcome Ringer to the site, .
  11. Motivation Thread

    Guitarist plays his instrument with his feet.
  12. Hello from Russia

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  13. A long conversation with a good friend.
  14. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading these guidelines and the short story .
  15. What makes us beautiful

    CrystalFaerie, Thank you for sharing your beautiful post. As someone who has also experienced PTSD, I can relate a little with what you have felt: the emotional fragility, nervousness, self-consciousness etc.. Your post reminded me that no matter the challenges life throws at us (like PTSD) we are still beautiful inside.
  16. Comfy clothes around the house...

    In terms of wearing men's pajama bottoms or boxers to bed, I think I would be okay with it. To me, comfort is comfort. Besides, I know I don't think about what women wear to bed. Now if I was married to her and she wanted to wear my underwear to bed, sweater, or take some ties of mine I don't think I would be mine (although my first thought right now would be one of surprise since I am not used to this behavior). I would hope this is a topic my gf and me would explore before marriage, so there wouldn't be no unexpected questions or concerns regarding this topic for either one of us.
  17. What's your favorite show on Netflix?

    White Collar
  18. Her Mother

    No to both questions. It's not something I think about when I first meet a woman and I like her. Although, I have heard the saying that you can learn about the character of a man by watching how he treats his mother.
  19. I also think it is admirable to be a parental figure to niece and nephews. Would I date a woman who is an auntie and taking care of her nephews and nieces? Yes, I would date her and my thoughts are similar to Vince on that issue.
  20. Women who go grey early...

    I am okay with it since I think it's something that people can't really control. I mean, yeah there are dyes and hair coloring and such, but I think getting gray hair is normal. I even have some gray hair on my head from time to time.
  21. Hello from Italy!

    Welcome, .
  22. Proposals

    I think about how I will propose too. My thinking is comprised of both of your questions photogirl 1) I have ideas of how I will propose to her and 2)my proposals are tailored to how she is like. So, for me, I don't have one way of proposing it all depends on who she is as a person.
  23. Who's your favorite music artist?

    Bands: Eagles, Weezer, Queen, Gun's n Roses Singers: Jim Croce, Eric Clapton, Andre Bocelli, Simon and Garfunkel Favorite Genres: Folk, Rock, Blues
  24. Date

    Queen, on 24 Jun 2015 - 4:36 PM, said: I would probably take her out to a casual place (like going bowling, chatting at a local coffeehouse, going to a museum or art galley). When we get to know each other better, I would like to take her out to a restaurant or even cook for her like in the movie "Chef" where he makes pasta Aglio o Olio for Scarlet Johansson (which looks like this btw).
  25. Would You Marry Someone Exactly Like You?

    No, I don't think I would marry someone who is exactly like me. Although, I would like it if we had the same values or even beliefs. However, if we had some difference that would be okay too (like if she was more outspoken than me, I wouldn't mind that since I'm a quiet guy).