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  1. Getting very broody

    I also get broody too. I also exhibit similar symptoms when i am around children too (want to protect them and want children of my own). To me, i interpret my feelings as being attracted to family life.
  2. 29 yr old virgin. Los Angeles, CA

    Hey Javier! I can relate with you (especially on how you feel lol). I will let you into the forum. Welcome, .
  3. 29 yr old virgin. Los Angeles, CA

    Hey Javier! Welcome to the site! I am a 30 year old male virgin and I can understand a little bit of what you are going through. It does seem from my perspective that male virgins at this age are a rare thing and at times undesirable. On the one hand, I know as a guy I am given messages to have sex with lots of women. Or, people give me the silent treatment when I say I am a virgin like they are surprised or something. In addition, I don't think wanting to marry a female virgin is unrealistic either. It is something that's good. If that is something that you want, hang on to that belief. I believe God answers prayer since your prayer seems to come from the depth of your heart. Finally, I think LadyKaede's video touched on a very good point which is the unexamined life is not worth living. As a person who follows a religion (Catholicism), people may think that I wait till marriage only to follow a deity, but my religious identity is just one component of who I am as a person. I also wait for personal reasons. I think it is important to examine the reasons why you wait and not just the religious ones. There a good resources out there (like from this website) that can help you in your waiting journey. Finally, hang in there. It is difficult to wait in this day and age but not impossible. I am glad to meet you as one of our newest members. If you want access to the Guy's Only Forum, feel free to message me as I am the gatekeeper for that forum. We could use your input and I am sure the other guys could relate with you in some way. I hope this site helps you out on your waiting journey. -Chris
  4. Random Thoughts

    I broke my high E string on my guitar while I was restringing it and I feel sad because there is no place nearby that sells a single high E string .
  5. Random Thoughts

  6. Random Thoughts

    My medicine ran out this morning.
  7. Random Thoughts

    Yes, that is definitely what is happening in that dog picture. You are funny Jegs.I liked the video. Thanks for sharing. Speaking of basset hounds....
  8. Random Thoughts

    Nice cute pic. Here's mine.
  9. Asking out an introvert

    Hey CF, I can understand a little bit about your feelings. As a guy, I am also introverted myself so getting up the courage to tell a girl that I really like her can be terrifying at times. One thing that sticks out from your post is the fact that you are trying. You wrote him a poem and letter and I do think that's great! You also spend time with him (even though it may not be long) and that's good too! I think making a move would be good cause it would help get rid of some unwanted anxiety. I think as a guy, it would feel great to get a letter or a poem. Why? Because, knowing someone took the time write to me a letter tells me he or she cares and I think it is something that everybody can relate to. People like it when others do something for them. Plus, as an introvert, I like to get stuck in my own little world so reading a letter will keep me stuck there. It is great (or maybe it is just me, ). From my experience, trying to get to know someone better can be daunting and times intimidating, but I think if you take it in increments, you will be okay.
  10. Random Thoughts

    Yes, those things are important. I like this book. Link: What's your poo telling you?
  11. Hi from Maryland!

    Welcome to the site, .
  12. Please help... I feel so conflicted

    Thanks for sharing your post. I am also really sorry to hear about your abusive upbringing. What you went through wasn't your fault. I am glad to hear that you found God and are working to strengthen your relationship with him. I also believe you are on the right track. Hang in there, . As far as advice on being abstinent, I second Invincible's opinion. I think it is also important to evaluate your relationship with your current boyfriend. For example, what are your bf and you's values? Do they coincide with each other? In addition, maybe talk about boundaries with your bf since knowing your bf and you's comfort levels can help the relationship be an abstinent one and reevaluate it from time to time. I will keep you in my prayers.
  13. Hey HeWhoWaits, There is no posting quota for the "guy's only" forum. You just need to PM the "guy's only" forum admin. In that case, that would be me, . I will let you into the forum.
  14. Guy Dancing to Alicia Keys

    Just thought I'd share. For those who are having a crummy day, I hope this vid brightens it.
  15. Mother Angelica dies Easter Sunday aged 92

    Thanks Jegs for posting this clip. I am saddened to hear the news of her passing since I am a fan of her network. I liked watching the reruns of "Mother Angelica Live." Her sharp wit, knowledge of her faith, faith witness, and courage are infectious. I am also inspired by her faith in Jesus too. One of my favorite shows on the network are the reruns of "Life is Worth Living" by Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Just liked to share a funny story here: When Mother Angelica was asking for a loan from the bank in order to help pay for the cost of the network, the banker asked Mother this question: Do you have collateral? Mother Angelica responded by saying: "Yes, I have the convent and 11 nuns." Lol. I wasn't expecting that as an answer. RIP Mother Angelica. I will keep you and your fellow sisters at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in my prayers.
  16. Warning: Phishing site

    Hey Everybody, I have also received Google's red security page recently. I was able to contact Mike, he is aware of the issue, and he will ask Google to rescan the site (now that the spam threads are gone) sometime this week. He hopes that will resolve the issue.
  17. Apparently WTM is selfish or something

    I take this article with a grain of salt. Hm... I cannot speak for all men, but if I met a woman who announced that she was celibate, I would have a lot of respect for her. I know some women in my family who chose to be celibate for one reason or another, and those women are strong women. They have strong morals and values. Um, I can assure you men can hold out longer than 90 days without sex ( e.g., see men on this site). It is not an easy choice to follow, but it does have value. I was confused by this paragraph: how does being sexually celibate follow pocket book celibacy? I am sure there are people who are sexually celibate but are not celibate with their pocketbooks. I wouldn't mind it. A chance for a good meal, . Um, not all men think like that. As a man, my ultimate goal is not to gain carnal knowledge of a woman. Actually, I want to know what are her interests, her values etc.. Does she want to watch a movie or play a game with me?Pan's Labyrinth or chess anyone, . Hm...if a woman wanted to do all those things, she is a good woman, .
  18. JOKES

    Stormtroopers' 9/11
  19. JOKES

    1) Sherlock Holmes dies and goes to Heaven. There is a brouhaha. Sherlock Holmes asks St. Peter what seems to be the problem. Apparently, Adam has gone 'walkabout' among all the souls. It will take ages to find him. Holmes tracks down Adam, very quickly. The Lord asks Holmes how he recognized Adam among the millions of souls, without ever having met him. "Elementary, my dear God, he has no navel." 2) Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson went on a camping trip. After sharing a good meal and a bottle of Petrie wine, they retire to their tent for the night. At about 3 AM, Holmes nudges Watson and asks, "Watson, look up into the sky and tell me what you see?" Watson said, "I see millions of stars." Holmes asks, "And, what does that tell you?" Watson replies, "Astronomically, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo. Theologically, it tells me that God is great and we are small and insignificant. Horologically, it tells me that it's about 3 AM. Meteorologically, it tells me that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. What does it tell you, Holmes?" Holmes retorts, "Someone stole our tent.
  20. Pottermore Sorting Hat!

    RavenClaw 83% Hufflepuff 52% Gryffindor 50% Slytherin 49%
  21. Re-introduction!

    Hey Cou, Welcome back to the Forums, . You were missed and I am glad you are back. Hope Tennessee is treating you well.
  22. Random Thoughts

    Shake shake shake, shake shake shake Shake your booty, shake your booty yeah
  23. Well, I don't think this study should be taken seriously and here are my reasons: 1) The study the Guardian article sites is the peer reviewed article the "Negative Association between Religiousness and Children's Altruism Across the World" in the Journal Current Biology by Jean Decency et al. The article was published in a Biology science journal. Why biology? 2) The terms in the study are not well-defined. For example, the science article mentions the word non-religious but being non-religious can mean different things to different people. People can be atheist, agnostic, be a lapsed Catholic etc... Secondly, how is the Dictator game a valid test of altruism? On the one hand, the game doesn't establish that the other students are in need and could benefit from being given a stickers. Altruism can have definitions like love, no-greater love, supreme sacrifice. In other words, altruism wasn't objectively defined. Religiosity in children - the authors never assessed the religiosity of the children, instead, they did it for the caregivers and parents of the children. The authors asked the parents to name their religion, asked them a question like "How often do you experience the divine in your everyday life" They took these answers along with the data from religious attendance to form the religiosity for each child. 3The variation in ages of the children. There are development differences between a five year old and a 12 year old. 4) The study required different researchers in different countries to to collect data which posed threats to its reliability and validity. 5) Studies have shown people who are more religiously active (i.e., those who attend religious meetings or services once a week) are more inclined to donate and/or those who have stronger religious convictions often having stronger pro-social and altruistic values. Source:
  24. From Japan

    Konnichiwa Hidehito, Welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy your time here and it helps you in some way. Hang in there, .