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  1. How many of you guys/gals have a...

    I'd be happy to add you OHG. Pm me for my name on fb. - Chris
  2. I would treat the in-laws like family. I probably wouldn't call them Mom or Dad. Instead, I would probably call them by their first names.
  3. Question for The Guys

    I am not a big fan of categorizing girls (e.g., she is hot, she is cute, etc..). I think girls possess some sort of enduring qualities that guys find ravishing. "To each is his own", kind of mentality. If I marry the right girl then, to me,she would possess those qualities: beautiful, sexy, and hot, and it is not necessarily directed toward physical appearance.
  4. hello everyone!

    "I absolutely love this site. I am not a religious person [i'm basically agnostic but DO believe in a higher power] and it's nice to see a website that has informative articles talking about things not just from a spiritual view but emotional and physical as well. It's given me a lot of knowledge that just reaffirms my decision to wait." - Lucy I also like how the site deals with not only the spiritual aspect of waiting till marriage, but also the physical and emotional component as well.
  5. hello everyone!

    "I look at relationships as trying to find the one person that matches you best and that you can spend the rest of your life with and grow with each other in all aspects" - Lucy I agree
  6. hello everyone!

    Hey Lucy! Welcome to the site .
  7. Well, growing up, my dad was nonreligious and my mom was a solid Catholic. However, my dad was supportive of my mom raising the children Catholic (he would even go to church with her). Myself, it would be nice if my wife and I shared the same religion or spiritual background. It makes things easier. Although I do have friends and family of all faiths, religions, and/or spiritual backgrounds.
  8. Yes, these miracles are some of the reasons I believe in God. These are also the reasons why I think I was on God's time instead of my own. God kept me alive for a purpose, even though I don't know what that purpose is yet, lol.
  9. Yes, in my experience, many times. I was born premature, the doctors said I had a 50 chance of survival, and low and behold - I am alive today. I was involved in a nasty three car pileup: I was hit in the back, the car behind me was totaled, the car in front of me was fine, and my car drove away with minimal damage. Can't think of anything else at the moment, but I hope those suffice.
  10. 1) It depends on what those habits/quirks are. 2) I wouldn't change my hobbies/interests. Although I wouldn't mind learning new ones. I always like to learn. Of course, if it something potentially damaging like smoking forget about it. 3 & 4) I wouldn't change my bodily appearance. I like how I look . Unless of course the doctor was imperative I needed the change. 5) It depends on what the situation calls for. I wouldn't change my religion (I would have an intellectual debate with you first, though). I probably wouldn't change my career. I think I would relocate.
  11. sexual healing!

    Nice videos
  12. sexual healing!

    Lol. Good point Sally.
  13. I wouldn't mind kissing and hugging in front of my kids. But making out in front of them? I would get a room.
  14. The Questions: 1. Do you condone pre-marital sex? 2. Do you view it as a sin? 3. If you are not against it, when do you feel like it is okay? 4. Is premarital sex ever okay? 5. How do you feel about casual sex? My answers: 1) No. However, if someone I knew had pre-marital sex, I would not condemn them;rather, I would accept them for who they are. But from my personal experience, pre-marital sex has the potential for creating problems in a relationship. 2) Yes 3) 4) No 5) I'm against it because the people involved become animals. There seems to be no love component to the act, just pure passion.
  15. Lonely....

    Yes, dogs are good to have around. Sometimes they get so excited that they leave a gift for you after you've walked through the front door.
  16. Hey... :)

    Hey Chris, welcome to the site . <Gasp> You have my name, and I think that is awesome!! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy meeting the people here, and receiving the support you deserve. I am Catholic too. -Chris
  17. Lonely....

    Everyone on here has some great answers. Myself, I also try to keep myself busy. What really helps me is playing some music. I am a guitarist at my local church, so when I come home from school/work, I just sit down, strum, and play the guitar. I start to have my own practice sessions. So whenever I start to have the blues, I play some blues! I also play the piano a little bit. On the weekends, I get together with my friends and play some sports, like basketball, tennis, ping pong etc.. I also pray to God on some nights - you know tell him how my day was, or say a prayer to help me find my significant other. Lastly, I talk with the family or even the pets I have at the house (ya I am kinda weird). But ya Sally sorry to hear that about your loneliness. It sucks when that loneliness hits ya (for me it comes especially at night) -Chris
  18. Measurements

    Interesting post. Good to know, I guess.
  19. I'm single, in mid-twenties, and content at the moment. I want to be married, but at this time it does not sound feasible; I'm working towards a career. Although my plans for marriage could always change a year or two from now/
  20. I'm 26, single, and content at the moment. I want to be married, but at this time it does not sound feasible; I'm working towards a new career. Although, my plans for marriage could always change years from now, .
  21. Hello

    I'm doing well, and the holidays were good. Well I must admit,in California, there tends to be a liberal swing to things. You don't see many people professing that they will wait until marriage (at least I haven't), so I guess I should say, "thank you" Anyhow, thanks for the hellos, and I hope I get to know other people as well .
  22. Well I think the media sometimes presents an inaccurate depiction of males. From my perspective, this presentation has the potential to become ingrained into people's subconscious (at least it appears that way to me). I'm not trying to stereotype female behavior here, but what happens to just being friends? I remember asking a friend of mine, who is a girl, out for some coffee, you know to just chat. Well we chatted, and just when we were about to leave, she asked me, " is this a date?" Lol. I mean I don't necessary fit the "normal" attributes of male characteristic and behavior that the media sometimes presents. I don't have abs of steel, am not so tall, or brusque, and I don't play music as well as Mozart. So I'm guessing I should evaporate in a big puff of smoke...
  23. Your Dream Girl!!!!

    I would like to find a girl who puts others before herself (she doesn't possess a big ego), smart, funny, a good conversationalist, puts up with my crap and quietness. I know this list sounds so generic, I just find the character of a person more important than the physical attributes. Although, I will say that being physically attractive is important,however, that is not a big of a deal with me.