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  1. Guilty

    Oh my goodness you are amazing! Why do you make me feel better so easily when I can't seem to stop putting myself down? Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and tolerance! "When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts." - You have been an angel to me Maia xxxxxx
  2. Guilty

    dulcexox - I am forever grateful for your advice and hope that others are able to benefit from your wisdom as I have. Unfortunately my school doesn't have a counsellor but I feel better even just speaking to you guys about it if nothing else. I am trying my best to change my way of thinking but it is difficult and will take time. I think my problems stem from the fact that I worry that God looks badly upon my obvious weaknesses. I worry that I am a tremendous disappointment. "... say to those with fearful hearts, "Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you."" Isaiah 35:4 I worry that perhaps I don't deserve to be saved. Not just for what happened but for many reasons, for example, I had to actually contemplate my decision of whether or not to wait until marriage - it did not come naturally. I hope he can forgive all sins... or else I'm screwed! Maia xxxx
  3. Guilty

    Hey guys, Thanks so much for the advice Mike, i really appreciate your help but i must say it's a lot harder said than done. Seeflotastic, thank you also for your advice but I would like to point out that i am careful of strangers, just unlucky. You're right about me feeling disgusting though, and i dont feel at all beautiful or normal. I know you guys wouldn't judge but i no plenty that would Thanks guys, you're both fabulous! Maia xxx
  4. Hi! I'm Maia :)

    Waitn4myprince - Thanks, i giggled quite a bit reading your comment! And wow that's so cool Jegsy, wanna have a go at making me one? Maia xxxxx
  5. Hi! I'm Maia :)

    Hey Jegsy Yeah i'm in sixth year too! I'm planning on studying maths at Uni, hopefully anyway! You're so sweet btw, I hope we'll be good online buds Oh and can I ask, "Jegsy"? It's soooo cool, wish I could have an awesome nickname! Maia xxxx
  6. Guilty

    Hi everyone, I know I'm new and that i'm probably not allowed to talk about things like this, but I've never told anyone this before and I really need to tell someone, anyone... Recently I was out by myself and I got cornered by a older man. He was a lot bigger than me and stronger. He didnt rape me if thats what you're thinking. He just touched me. I know that it wasn't my fault that he did the things he did but I feel so guilty because I just stood there. I was in shock so I did nothing. I just stood, still and silent... It wasn't until I came out of my state of shock that I threw my bag at him and took off running. He followed but I was too quick and eventually I lost him. I know what would have happened if I hadn't ran... I feel so guilty, how could I do nothing for so long? Why didn't I run? Why didn't I scream when he wouldn't accept my plea's at the beginning? I am friends with mainly guys and they've noticed how different I am, that i flinch when they touch or brush past me. I know it's stupid but I'm scared of going out on my own. My best friend knows somethings wrong but I can't tell him. I can't tell anyone. What should I do? Maia xxxx
  7. Hi! I'm Maia :)

    Hi everyone I cannot express how happy i am to have read your replies. You have all made me see that i have chosen the right path and that i can do it because there are others like me! In answer to your question Mark my name is Greek. Maia originally meant "Dreams" but is now said to mean "Great" -either way i'm not fussed Thanks so much guys, you have no idea how much i appreciate your advice and support. Your kindness will not be forgotten <3 Maia xxxxx
  8. Hi! I'm Maia :)

    Hi everybody, I'm Maia and I'm 17 years old from Scotland! I have been having conflicting emotions regarding the toppic of waiting until marriage simply due to my friends pressurising me! I've always thought i would wait but now i wonder if i'm weird and old fashioned. Will a guy wait until we get married? Is there any that would, because i sure as hell dont know any!?! I need some guidance, advice and support. Help? Thanks, Maia xxxx