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  1. hello, I'm just curious about what people think about long engagements. I have heard that they are frowned upon when you are waiting due to temptation and stuff, but I want a long engagement so I can get my act together easier and work on closing the long distance gap in my relationship. What do you guys think about long versus short engagements?
  2. What did you want be when you grew up

    I wanted to be an art teacher, but I still do teaching, just not art.
  3. Could you live with an astronaut?

    I'm an airline brat so I'm used to having my dad gone so yeah that wouldn't bother me. My life story with my father is basically Cats in the Cradle especially now that I'm busy with my brother and my brother is never home either always hanging out with his friends
  4. I have been in one for almost 5 years now and if it wasn't for the internet I don't think it would have lasted. The internet definitely makes long distance relationships a viable option than in the past
  5. I'm back from hiatus

    Soooooo I'm not exactly new, but I have returned after a long absence and here is why: Some veterans may remember me as the borderline asexual one wondering if it was even really a decision to wait if I was probably just gonna wait anyways cause I had no interest in sex... weeeeelll.... That completely went upside down after I was diagnosed with bipolar and my sex drive got hit by a truck. I have to deal with a lot of issues regarding hypersexuality. It is someone turned on a switch and now I am insatiable, especially when I'm manic, however, I have to keep reminding myself that I am not clear in the head when I do that and just walk it out. To be honest, I was kind of jaded for a while about waiting until marriage after learning my parents didn't and learning that my classmates got married as soon as they can just so they could have guiltless sex and now they are miserable. My bf is still dedicated toward waiting and refused to have sex with me, especially when I was going through a hypomanic episode and besides, we both live with our parents so it is kind of awkward already. I am still together with my geeky bf of almost 4 years and we are still waiting, but it is more waiting for marriage than waiting till marriage since i need to save up to move out of my parent's house and get my certifications now that I'm almost done with college. It will be worth it though, if I stick to our plan, we will have a good foundation financially and I will be well on my way career wise. Besides, he is worth it. It's great to be back, is this forum still active?
  6. you just mentioning it as a ritual thing kinda reminds me of that weird cultish sex magick stuff I have read about like what Crowley wrote about and stuff
  7. New here :) Hoping to meet people who think like me

    Hey Apa, I really enjoyed talking to you in chat last night, you seem like a really awesome person.
  8. Would You Marry Someone Exactly Like You?

    It would be kind of uncanny valley. I would say maybe 60-80% similar is a good general range.
  9. and for something more modern...
  10. MBTI? (Myers Briggs)

    I'm INTJ myself
  11. Random Thoughts

    Finally finished college at last!
  12. I would definitely agree with Saitama, but for me it is definitely Sailor Moon I love Sailor Moon as a kid, I liked how naturally she acted, I mean, if you were thrown into a situation and had to fight bad guys would would act like her, admit it.
  13. My Intro

    Welcome Welcome Welcome!
  14. Hi I'm new

    Welcome Samantha, that's so cool you breed rabbits!
  15. I'm back from hiatus

    totes, I'm glad you think the same way, hopefully we can keep chatting
  16. No "wedding dress" for your wedding??!

    I have found some cute white dresses on unique vintage though they are often classified as prom dresses, but I can see them work.
  17. What does your purity ring look like?

    My purity ring is in my heart
  18. C'mon ladies, do you really all want to have a wedding?

    My bf is really pushing for a smaller wedding if we get married just cause he hates formal events due to his social anxiety. I tried asking him to a dance and he kind of freaked out and almost fainted at the thought of going to a formal event! I will probably keep it to my immediate and extended family, no friends or anything except maybe for a few bridesmaids. Besides, the more people, the more expenses multiply.
  19. How would you feel if...

    I would love him for that definitely
  20. I'm back from hiatus

    Thanks Grapes, I have chatted with you a lot and you sound like a really good friend!
  21. I'd wait for him to initiate, not that I'm a "rules girl" or anything, but just out of the fact that it is easier for me since I'm kind of socially awkward
  22. I'm new and FINALLY got signed up!!

    I don't know, I was on a two year hiatus and came back on this site a couple days ago.
  23. I'm new and FINALLY got signed up!!

    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! It isn't as active as it once was in the "golden age" of 2012-2014, but there are still people around.
  24. I'm back from hiatus

    are you scared of talking to her? Are you afraid of rejection?