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  1. i actually sign up on this site and they charge 5 dollars every month is not bad but u have to go through background test to see if your for reals and they actually said i dont live where i live which is weird but i did get to check some of the profile and personally im not impressed
  2. I consider myself overweight and I'm shorter than u and bigger but I know iam attractive I carry myself as if I was a size 9. I'm not cocky or think of myself highly but I love who iam and I'm a virgin by choice plenty of men have come at me trying to get a piece of me but I chose not to and yes they were attractive too, but they were after one thing and that's sex I know cuz they have told my friends that when they see me they want to have sex with me that's it
  3. I think it was hilarious but in my opinion they made it more for viewers who r not virgins and unfortunetly they also made it seem as if the waiters like the man and the three roomates gave up and just wanted to have sex to feel how it was like
  4. I would like to be a patient wife and a forgiving wife
  5. Pet Peeves regarding Guys

    Being cocky, poor hygine, uses a curse word on every sentence, and financially irresponsible
  6. where do u meet single waiters

    *site not •sure
  7. where do u meet single waiters

    I think they should build a sure for single waiters. But then again no one.will know if the waiters r for reals.
  8. from san diego cali

    Hello fellow san diegan it is nice to see a local here I would like to get to know u?? How long u been in this site??
  9. from san diego cali

    Well I'm glad to hear I'm not alone I do believe in God but I make mistakes daily even when it comes to the way I dress I'm not out there promoting myself but when guys see me they only think about sex cuz I look like i m active like that I guess is body language who knows
  10. where do u meet single waiters

    I live in so cal and I have yet to meet a male virign to date. I have met vcard guys but there all taken. I have tried church but weather they're too young or also taken. Is there a site or anything.
  11. from san diego cali

    Hello I'm in san diego california my name is esperanza I'm 24. Ofcourse iam a waiter harder by the minute lol. Iam a preschool teacher and love it. I'm glad I came across this site because I just figuered I was born in the wrong era and self respect flew out the window with everyone else.