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  1. Why DO we always dig the bad boys?

    This is also Very true. It's a very VERY fine line between the two.
  2. Why DO we always dig the bad boys?

    Wow Oliver that was a great post man.
  3. Knowing that there are barely any women out there with Victorian standards. Woman are constantly becoming less and less desirable to me as it seems as time goes on, women tend to lose respect for themselves and give in more and more. Knowing that there's that much less of a chance for my future wife to wait for me makes me just want to give in. But I'm trying for now.
  4. Geeze that is like the saddest thing I've ever seen...
  5. Dating a New Person

    As a guy, my current girlfriend is a non waiter and you can bet it's hard. So many insecurities flood your mind. What if she thinks about him all the time, what if I can't deliver like he can, what if I cant keep up etc... It's hard for sure, but like an article I read yesterday points out, he/she is choosing you, not their ex. There's a reason why he/she's with you and not their ex and it's because they like you more. Certainly it's hard to swallow, but there's really nothing you can do about it so I just try to rid myself of all my insecurities. Anyway hope that answered the question effectively!
  6. I know they seem like such a romantic an intimate couple. I mean I know guys aren't supposed to be mushy gushy and crave a romantic married life, but that's just how I am so whatever. I really enjoy reading them a lot.
  7. Hey everyone Before I came here I was stumbling around on the internet and ran into this website. It has some incredible stories of romantic marriages, and after browsing through a few of these I came to realize how determined I was to make my marriage like this. See in my opinion, a good job, good money, nice things... those are all nice, but my number one goal in life is to find someone who loves me and cares about me as much as I care about them and love them. The stories/articles on this website portray a fruitful and fulfilling marriage of 3 different couples and their stories are amazing and so inspirational. After reading these I started to realize how much I wanted to wait to experience this. Check it out!
  8. Hey Everyone

    Yeah definitely. I know there are girls like you out there; they've just sadly become a minority. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hey Everyone

    My name is Connor and I've recently been getting into this WTM movement due to the changes in my life recently. Let me start off by saying that I am a 19 year old college student. Obviously, as a man at age 19, I am at the time of my life where my sex drive is peaking, and I am also surrounded by 100 other men my age (living in a fraternity), who constantly bring women home and who are sexually active. It all started with my girlfriend whom I dated for 2 years beginning when I was a senior in high school. I loved and love her very much and despite going to schools that were hours apart, we still attempted to make a long distance relationship work. She was my first and only real girlfriend and we had a very special connection and bond, however the whole time we were dating I was blinded by her reality. You see, I was much more conservative than she was, and when the topic of sex came up we never saw exactly eye to eye on it. While she committed herself to me and told me over and over that she would wait until I was ready, I always knew that if I lost her she would be much more loose with other men than she was with me. After waiting a year and a half, we had sex (both virgins at the time). It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life despite only doing it a handful of times throughout a greater than two year relationship. Unfortunately I broke up with her a few months ago (not sexually related-internal problems) and she quickly found a new boyfriend whom she constantly has sex with. After breaking up with her I quickly realized I wanted her back, and still think to this day that she is the girl for me, however, when I found out how loose she was with her sexuality with her other boyfriend, I'm hesitant to take her back as it completely broke my heart. So that is basically my main reason for coming here. While I have a ton of friends here in college, very few can relate to my views on sexuality. However, it is comforting to discover that there are other people (especially women) who can share the same views as me! It's about time I met some women, (though it may be online) who actually have some damn respect for themselves and their sexuality. And what gives me even more confidence is that if there are some here online, I know that there are some at my school. I just need to more actively seek them out as the men in our fraternity tend to favor the more "loose" women. Anyway, I hope you didn't mind reading that lengthy novel. I am more of a reader than a poster, but I hope to have some insightful conversations with you all in the future! I look forward to meeting all of you!