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  1. I am mostly Italian and Cuban (some Venezuelan and German in there, too!)!
  2. How old are you?

    25 going on 26!
  3. Soy cubana tambien!! Not from Miami, but I live in NYC. Everyone has already offered such great advice. I totally get how incredibly hard it is--but having a few friends who have similar views that you can relate to makes it easier And yes, for as caliente as we are known to be, we are also very strong-willed women! Hang in there.
  4. Sexual Revolution

    Absolutely! Any chance you are referring to Wendy Shalit?
  5. Lent!!!!

    Junk food! And I'm going to start going back to Mass on Sundays.
  6. Thanks so much for sharing, Sally!!! So great.
  7. Handicapped Children

    Absolutely not! A child with special needs is still a child and should be loved and appreciated the same way. From my experience, I do think that having a child with special needs does place extra stress to a relationship, but I don't think it's impossible to do. I'm finishing up my masters in speech-language pathology, and it would be super hypocritical of me to spend all this time working with a population like that, but not accept my own child.
  8. When you say I do, will you take his last name

    I'm with you on this one!! I'm in similar situation as my dad only has 1 sibling (brother in his 50s with no kids) and I'm 1 of 4 girls, which essentially means my last name would end at me and my sisters. I also have a traditional, unique spanish last name and I would like to keep my last name as a way of preserving my culture. (My grandfather who I'm very close with also very recently passed away , and I feel that I would be honoring him and my family by keeping my name.) That said, I am all for hyphenating or having my last name become my middle name.
  9. How many languages can you speak?

    I'm bilingual English-Spanish. My Dad's side is Cuban and my parents are both bilingual (met in college Spanish class) and actually taught me Spanish first. My Mom's family is Italian, and when I was growing up, I heard a lot of it from my grandfather and went to Italian school on the weekend but it never stuck. I love and am fascinated by all things language!
  10. What Kind of...

    I took one of these personality tests last year or so and came out as a sanguine choleric, though I do think I have some characteristics of 3.
  11. I thought this was kinda neat. Thanks for sharing, Sally. Here's mine Words of Affirmation Quality Time Receiving Gifts Acts of Service Physical Touch Looks like I have the same order as seeflo.
  12. Your parents sound like my mom! I currently live at home, but dormed in college (which was still VERY close to home for me). I don't know what I would be like if I wasn't so deep into school and living with my family as I am right now, but I do feel that living at home does take care of squashing the majority of situations that could've resulted in me acting differently or making different decisions. Having to come home at night holds me accountable; I could probably get away with doing whatever I wanted (since I'm in my mid 20s), but it would likely upset my parents :/ Maybe it's because I've matured a bit (or maybe it does have to do with living at home), but I am A LOT less likely to just "hook up" with a guy now that I'm home. Since my home isn't technically MY home, bringing someone back doesn't even cross my mind. In my opinion, NY isn't really a city that's conducive to "waiting" since the hook up scene is so prevalent and widely accepted, but it is possible to be unaffected by that. It is hard to find others who are WTM though here, just in my experiences. All of that said, I think a lot of that decision is based on your character, and I don't think the type of person you are would necessarily change because you live far from home.
  13. What about tattoos?

    In my opinion, it's not really worth it. I had it done sometime during my freshman year (probably only because I spent all of hs begging my parents and they always said no). I liked it for maybe a few months if that. I played sports and went to a lot of exercise classes, so I was always afraid of it getting caught and ripping and put in the clear retainer (which is not attractive to show off anyway). I also really disliked hearing guys tell me it was hot when I was younger. Now at 25, the only time anyone ever sees it is if I'm at the beach. Even my friends forget that I have it.
  14. What about tattoos?

    No tattoos. Like Sally, I'm not a fan of needles and I don't really find them attractive. That said, my ears are doubly pierced and so is my belly-button, but no one ever has any idea about that. Now that I'm older, I think it looks trashy, but getting it hurt so much that I refuse to take it out.
  15. Favorite Relationship?

    This happens to me all the time! Except with guys ;)It's like they grow on you and you start to see the good qualities/what's attractive, or least that's what it's been from my experience. I've gone through a lot of "oh well if he's liked me for a while when I haven't exactly returned the feeling, maybe I should give it a shot?" too.