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  1. I was just wondering if anyone else teaches themselves things because it seems with most people that learning ends when school/college does (other than in your chosen profession) so I was just wondering if anyone else teaches themselves things outside of their profession/courses? I think for me it started when I was 16-17 I had lots of free periods so I managed to persuade my school to let me do extra lessons for my courses Mon-thurs so I could have Friday off so I could do the A+computer techntion course at a local college and when that course stopped due to not enough people to keep it running I bought the course books and taught myself the remainder of the course... And from there I just sort of branched out learning lots of different (and usually unrelated) things and also learning lots of random facts along the way ... For example stetoscopes used by doctors were originally created to preserve female patients modesty!
  2. What are peoples feelings on divorce? Personally I hate divorce and I never want I get divorced ever. What about Abortion? I am personally against it. What about Children? I can't wait to be a dad (not that I would rush into it) and I hope I will be an amazing dad and I am always going to be there for my children and I will always have time for them, whether they want to talk about something or they want to do something together. Thankyou for taking the time to answer theses questions. -Aaron
  3. How would you feel if...

    How would you feel if your husband WANTED to do all the night feeds, nappy changes, getting up when the baby cries? Would you feel like he was trying to take over or would you enjoy the rest? -Aaron
  4. I think that long distance relationships can work, but they take a lot of work and commitment. That being said if you think they are right for you does distance really matter? They way I think of it is, sure you might be hundreds or even thousands of miles apart but if this is the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with then you'll have decades to be together.
  5. Eating Healthy and Exercising!

    Hi Guys and Girls, I got back into martial arts again about 4 months ago, so on a bit of a health drive at the moment, so would definitely be up for swapping a few ideas/recipes So fitness-wise I started out doing a fighting style used by military/law enforcement/counter terrorism/close protection world-wide which is normally started off by a military-style workout push-ups, sit ups, burpees, squats... you get the idea haha and we do a lot of weapon defenses/disarms (everything from baseball bats, knives and even pistols and rifles!) as well as close quarters combat and hand to hand fighting, we also do a lot of sparring normally against multiple attackers that may or may not be armed, and I should be doing my first grading in about 12 weeks (6 months faster than most!) but I have also started training in Muay Thai and Brazilian jujitsu as I am now doing MMA and plan on competing in next years competition. So this has pushed me to get fitter and eat healthier as training between 6-10 hours a week against bigger, stronger opponents is really pushing me and driving me to get better because although I am beginning to be able to hold my own after just 4 months of training (training up to 6 times a week) I want to win next years competition. Food-wise I am just eating natural food, vegetables, salad, fruit, meat, fish, eggs etc So to give you an idea of healthy food today I had Breakfast Baby spinach leaves, a slice of smoked salmon shredded and mixed in with the spinach topped with a fried egg (fried using 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil) and seasoned with sea salt and black pepper. Snack Blueberries Lunch Salad (lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pepper etc) Snack Apple Dinner Stuffed pepper (stuffed with lean lamb mince (USA = ground?) mixed with onion, mushrooms, spinach) and roasted veggies (roasted in 2-3 teaspoons of olive oil) and strawberries for dessert. Protein shake (after weight training this evening) @Crystal a great recipe for when you have salt cravings is kale crisps/chips put some shredded kale in a baking tray, drizzle over some olive oil (about 1 teaspoon for each half of the tray depending on how much you are making) season with sea salt and black pepper (pepper can be quite a strong taste so only use a very small amount of the pepper) and mix together with your hands rubbing the seasoning into the kale then bake in the oven at 80 degrees C for 40 mins until it is crispy (It will look like it has shrunk a lot but it tastes sooo good)... and enjoy! I have found the kale crisps/chips don't store very well so you have to make them fresh otherwise they go soggy!
  6. ... Or shall I walk by again haha Seriously though no it's more like lust at first sight, but just because she pretty on the outside doesn't mean she isn't just, plain old, pretty annoying. Love, to me at least, is a deep, meaningful, unconditional caring for her that you build up over time through getting to know her, and what makes her tick, all her little quirks that make her unique. Love is a two way street it is about two people that care about each other so much that they will stand side by side, there to support and help each other, no matter what life throws their way they'll come out the other side stronger knowing that they have someone that has their back and that they can trust, not just to stand up for them, to keep a secret, to care care for them when they are ill and all the other little things, but also with their life. That is what real love is.
  7. Hi Geraldine, In my experience us guys aren't as adept at picking up subtle signals as women which is why, generally speaking, a more direct approach is better for a woman approaching a man. I think generally speaking younger guys are less likely to know when a girl is interested in them than a guy who has grown up a bit and has more experience talking with women (not just flirting). Although when a woman gives you her number and tells you to call her tends to be a big clue she is interested That being said I have noticed that guys tend to be a little shyer the younger they are, but once they are comfortable in themselves they seem to be a lot more laid back and confident when it comes to asking a woman out and talking to women on a daily basis, personally if I like a girl I'll ask her out after all rejection is better than regretting not asking her out after all dating is about finding someone you just click with, someone who understands you, someone who just... gets you.... and laughs at your cheesy jokes haha Hope that helps.
  8. I'm back!

    hi guys I'm back, I've spend the last couple of years really throwing myself into work, lots of promotions and job changes, and I'm finally getting to a point in my life where I can relax and have some time for me. So thought I'd drop by and say hi!
  9. Ok so this is something I am terrible at, I hate letting other people decide what we are going to do, when we are going to do things and how etc. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against others wanting to do things they enjoy, I just really hate indecision and wasting time. I think in part it has a lot to do with the path my career has taken, I'm used to managerial positions, I've managed shops, then a change in career led me to running sales teams and I worked my way up to being responsible for training sales team leaders in how to run successful sales teams, then I was running sales campaigns spanning 2 counties and led my sales teams to break a record and make over £110,000 for our clients in just 6 days! £12,600 worth I personally made (In 5 days as I had meetings with the VP on day 6) for our client while I was running the campaign and training others how to train and run sales teams, then moving on through my career now working for a different company I am responsible for over 250 accounts the 3rd largest in the company (the largest of its kind in the UK and I've only been there 3 months!) and have won 4 of the daily competitions out of the last 5 days. So as you can probably tell I'm used to organising people, and keeping on top of every little thing and it is really hard for me to just let go of responsibility and just let someone else make some decisions as I've spent so long being in charge and having people deferring to me and asking my advice on problems I just naturally take charge and I find it hard to let others do things their way, as I'm always thinking of more productive ways of doing thing, and the most cost effective in effect I can't switch off my managers mind if that makes sense. Obviously I know that in the future this will negatively affect any relationship I have so want to get a head start on it now, so guys how do you let others make decisions for you?
  10. @lizzylou I agree that a wife is a strong influence in a mans life, and that both parties should be looking out for each other and see themselves as a unit not necessarily individuals (obviously I understand they still are individuals at heart) I like the I dea of having the final say it big decisions as then I will be fully responsible for the outcome and if it is a negative outcome it would be my fault, as I automatically assume responsibility for taking care of my partener and her wellbeing, this could work very well. @belle I would have thought that if one of you doesn't like something then it wouldn't even be an option:-D I do however see where you are coming from and totally agree, I also think it is good for each of you to have time for yourselves, I know that after I finish a week at work I just want to relax as my job is extreamly stressful and I have to be on it 100% of the time doing several jobs at once! So come Friday I just need an hour or two to wind down and let the stress go, and I think alone time is important as it gives your mind a chance to process everything and wipe the slate clean ready for a fun weekend. @Queen I totally understand I think that could be a little hard at first as I have to be able to make decisions with just a moments notice so I think trying to let someone else take that responsibility is what is hard for me, it's not that I don't trust others to make choices it's just that I have to make split second decisions for a living and in the time it takes someone to narrow a choice down to three options I would have made the decision booked the table and probably already know what I was going to order! I think the reason it's so hard for me is I'm used to being efficient and getting things done the second they pop up not waiting around for a choice to be made... But I guess that's just how I am.
  11. What is Maturity

    I haven't been on here for ages so I can't remember the etiquette on ask the girls and if guys can reply but anyway, for me maturity is how you carry yourself through life, having the ability to think of others and hold yourself responsible for their wellbeing and not just realising your actions have consequences but being will to take full responsibility for those consequences no matter what they are or how hard it will be. Taking ownership of everything you do and not make excuses but being able to hold yourself responsible for your actions. Being able to have the forethought to think of and plan for the future both short and long term. Having not just a job but making that job into a career for yourself and the work ethic to make enough money to support yourself completely independently from your parents. I guess what I'm trying to say is maturity is when you can rely on yourself and others can take comfort in your support knowing that they are in safe hands.
  12. @lizzielou I understand that it's just what if someone you love is making a decision you know is the wrong one(I know most situations there is no right or wrong way of doing things - but just for the sake of discussion), how do you switch off and let them get on with it? @Stacie I totally understand what you mean, and when I make decisions I am able to not just think of myself but to think about what is best for everyone involved, generally speaking though when I woman is indecisive it's generally something like they don't know where they want to eat or what they want to do etc which aren't overly important decisions in which case I'd either give them two options and let them pick and then if they still can't decide I'd pick for them.
  13. I'm back!

    @naturally yeah I think I remember you too! And thank you, it sounds really sad but I actually love my job and I've finally managed to reduce my hours down to less than 50 hours a week and have the weekend off too! Thanks guys nice to meet all of you I haven't met yet.
  14. I'm back!

    @libs1979 I was last on here about 18 months - 2 years ago! @samaye nice to meet you too
  15. I'm back!

    HI I don't think we've spoken before lol but nice to meet you
  16. A random question

    Is a husband/boyfriend being spontantious a good thing? What if its all the time (but you still do plan to do things together)? Would you want to know what you are doing together or do you prefer a bit of mystery? Thank you for reading this I know its a bit of a random question but it would be intresting to know as half of the time I don't know where I'm going to end up that day (although I know what I want profesionally) because I will see something/somewhere that i think is intresting and go to explore which I would love to do with a gf/fiancé/wife but I'm not sure how she would react to not knowing what we'll be doing or where we will end up, or whether its best to dissapper off by myself (not when I'm with her though, just when I have a day to myself). -Aaron
  17. What is it with girls...

    and leather jackets? I was wearing mine today and girls just seem obsessed with a guy in a leather jacket, I always seem to get more women smiling at me, flirting when I talk to them or coming and talking to me when I'm wearing it than if I'm wearing a different coat. So girls what is it with girls and my jacket :/
  18. What is it with girls...

    I agree some guys can take it too far, for example let's say she can't decide where she would like to eat... then pick a place but don't be a d**k about it... If you know she hates fish then don't pick sushi the whole point of making a decision when she can't/won't/wants you to decide is to pick somewhere you can have fun and enjoy spending time together not somewhere she's going to go hungry, if that's what you do then your not doing your job, of taking care of her, properly.
  19. What is it with girls...

    I think in a way all girls like a guy who can take charge after all they don't want their man to treat them like his mummy/mommy do they... Always asking her permission for everything (can I go out with my friends, can I get... Can I go... Etc), never making any decision (what do you want to do? I don't know what do you want to do? Etc), always putting up with crap from her (her picking fights over stupid things, being out of order etc) because they don't want to upset her because their scared of rocking the boat so insead they are unhappy. To me isn't power its just being a man and knowing what you want and standing up for yourself, and her when/if she needs you to stand up for her too, but at the same time being able to stand up to her (which to me it seems like most guys can't, they just kiss up to her) Yeah I've been complimented on my jacket, I just assumed its because she wanted to come and talk to me (she gave me her number when I got up to leave (I didn't ask for it) so I assume I was right ) I'm pretty much always confident, but I still like wearing it lol
  20. What is it with girls...

    @Kali short and to the point lol @RYB I don't know if its style really, I've worn it with both a proper shirt and jeans, shoes, decent belt etc (what I normally wear) and when I've really dressed down in a pair of combat trousers, boots, and grey t-shirt and there didn't seem to be any difference for two compleatly different styles.
  21. I don't mind either way I'm pretty picky about who I date but I can't change her past... Only her future
  22. Books you've read and recommend?

    Crime and punishment by Dostoyevsky was one of the books I enjoyed reading this year. I liked the hunger games books too but I think the book was much better than the film as I felt the film left alot of things out. Have you read catching fire and mockingjay from that series as well? Definately agree with trying some of the classics although they can be a bit hard to understand the lanuage used at first, although I was only 13 when I started reading them, but as kailey said most of them are public domain as they were written so long ago... If you're intrested in reading some I think I've got the link for a web page somewhere which has links to some of them.
  23. Random Questionnaire

    1) no, but I have a middle name from one a french ancester so its an unusual one. 2) I honestly can't remember... Funeral maybe probably about 4 or 5 years ago. 3) lamb, yum yum. 4) yes. 5) If she's got nice eyes and her attitude. 6) I don't tend to miss people. 7) baked salmon with a homemade watercress sauce... Tonights dinner. 8) mountain hideaway. 9) Quite a few different ones. 10) brown 11) blue 12) no 13) salmon, stir fry, baked sweet potato, parsnips, cauliflower all vegtabkes actually... Even sprouts which I have loved since I was a kid! 14) scary movies 15) I can't even remember what it was called... Must have been good eh 16) summer 17) depends if its family they might get a hug... If its a girlfriend then I'd hug her from behind while kissing her neck and whisper things in her ear... The question is would it be something romantic or something so dirty that it would make her blush? 18) both depending on what I feel like but I know what I like when it comes to tea and coffee so unless its one I like then it neither 19) nothing I'm on mobile. 20) it depends where I am... There's a small village near where I live that has a bakery that makes amazing brownies... But in my parents village one of the pubs does absolutely fantastic chocolate fudge waffles with locally made vanilla ice cream... So hard to choose. 21) I must have a short attention span... I was getting bored by question 9, I'm not used to someone asking me 20 questions in a row lol
  24. Victoria's Secret and other Models

    I don't really see a problem with it, its just underwear, my ex's younger sister used to walk around at mine, my ex's and her other sister's in just her bra and a skirt all the time. All women wear bras etc I don't think they are really provacative by themselves, if my wifes idea of seducing me is to walk around in her underwear then she's gonna have to try harder than that because I'm not that easy to seduce
  25. Can anyone make me happy?

    I'm gonna agree with wny you're responsible for your happiness not some guy, dont wait for someone of the opposite sex to make you happy, know what you want from life and go after your dreams a great girl/guy is just a bonus.