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  1. Tired of big girls being hated on because we're not a sex 6 so what would the guys on here do?
  2. What's You Dream Date?

    What is your dream date for when you find that special person. Here's mine. Were a park. He lays down a blanket. We a nice little basket with either lunch or dinner in it. We eat and talk and just have a relaxing time together. Sometimes when I dream about the date he walks me home and kisses my cheek.
  3. Crushes

    Its normal sweety. You can have crushes a numberous girls. You gotta figure out who you really like..which girl can you see yourself with
  4. Welcome to the family Mathew. This place is awesome and members rock I'm Stephie by the way
  5. Singles?

    I'm single. I'm a home body so usually meet guys from other friends. They tell they'll wait but I usually end up single. Most guys I've met act like it'll fall off if they dont use it lol
  6. Baby names?

    Well I don't want kids but, I do have names in case it does happen. GIRLS: Amanda Angel Jessica Marie Serenity Rose BOYS: Zaiden Mathew Justice Lee
  7. BACK! I am so sorry

    Thank Tev, wow alot of new faces since I've been gone..look forward to getting to know you guys
  8. BACK! I am so sorry

    I am so sorry guys. Life got so busy and I haven't been able to get on. I HAVE MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Thank you for the b-day wishes you all still rock!
  9. BACK! I am so sorry

    Thank Kailey..did we meet before..I cant remember
  10. What's your favourite website and why?

    Other then this site I have practically lived on neopets since I was 15 and then also use, and
  11. Who is your favourite fictional character?

    yeah picking only one is hard for me. lol
  12. The Virgin Diaries this Wednesday (July 25th)

    Aww..shoot. Well looks like I need to do a new title brain storm
  13. I love when a guy blushes. It s so cute I don't know why but, it is.
  14. Have you had the chance?

    yes I have with pretty every guy I've saying no is way they broke it off..except one
  15. You DO NOT need sex to keep a relationship. infact its been a prooven fact that most times sex can break a relationship. I think they real problem you just got week and gave in or going which makes wonder why did you join this site anyway. We all learn from mistakes I guess
  16. Favourite Tv Show?

    Mine are Degrassi: The Next Generation The Secret Circle Pretty Little Liars True Blood Glee Care Bears (old one) My little Ponies (old and new) Rugrats Deadly Women Stalked: Someone Is Watching and a few more lol
  17. Physical strength = deal breaker?

    For me no. I could care less has big and strong a guy real life anyway lol. Like I've said looks do not matter to me. I'm all about personality.
  18. what lengths would you go?

    Hmm well I think I would try to get them to get come to me..I can't leave my loved. Why to much of a family person
  19. Hello.

    welcome ot the family hun. You'll love it here
  20. Cheating during the relationship

    If he cheats KICK HIM! cheating is NEVER ok and once they cheat they will always cheat. Been there a few times and got hurt so many times
  21. Impossible

    NO COUNTING THE AWESOME GUYS HERE! thats prettty what other guys want. Its like they think it'll fall off if they don't use. Sex is way over rated I think in all honestly.
  22. Would you be willing to...?

    Hmm well if I met someone and they wanted to learn a new language and it was really important to them then I would try as hard as I could. I have been trying to learn ASL for a while.
  23. Houseguests

    it depends on who it is
  24. None or some or alot??

    I wear make-up and for some who knows she isn't all that it doesn't help. I do the same put alot on for fun lol
  25. What have I done!?

    you poor girl, don't feel and don't regret. Sometimes as young people we do things we shouldn't then when we look back we can that it taught you something. You have nothing at all to feel bad about. Trust me, words are words and u did nothing dirty