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  1. When to Tell

    Hey, I'm a 26 year old female and have always wanted to wait until marriage. I think this has made me quite hesitant to date. I think dating is fine, and I'd love to find a boyfriend to fall in love with, but my problem lies in finding someone who's willing to wait as well. My last relationship only lasted a month. I realized he was starting to push for things that I was not ok with, so I told him about wanting to wait until marriage. A couple weeks later he dumped me on FaceBook. Since then I haven't really dated anyone. I realize the way I went about telling him that I wanted to wait was not the right way to do it. I'd never had to tell a guy that before since I'd never had a boyfriend before that. It was a complicated relationship to begin with. My main question is when you should tell someone that you're planing to wait? Should you go on a few (innocent) dates and wait to tell when you think you could see it going somewhere? Or should it be a first date conversation? Any advice would be helpful. I personally do not know anyone who waited/is waiting till marriage. (My parents say they waited) Even in my Church Young Professionals class, I know most of them aren't waiting.....I'm just a little lost and confused.