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  1. Voting?

    This is kind of true. Other than we do have politicians in the House and Senate that are third parties. For example Ron Paul (not to say I fully agree with him, but just to use him as an example) has been a congressman on and off since 1976. Obviously he stirs up some noise, but that's necessary for us to see that we have options. This also doesn't stop Congress from working and continuing to function. There is also the fact that states are allowed to pass and change laws for their own jurisdiction (Colorado and Washington legalizing marijuana, as an example. Given, we still have yet to see how this might be effected by federal courts). Sorry, politics are kind of a passion of mine... Someday I hope to become a politician myself, so topics like this are of major interest to me.
  2. "I'm happily married, BUT..."

    *stares at Sunny's signature and giggles* Now back to the topic at hand. My sweet hubby has put on a lot of weight since we've been together, but (hehe had to throw that in) never once have I found him less attractive for it. Do I pick on him? Sure. Does it really bother me? No. What I am prone to doing is telling him that I just need to fatten him up a little bit more to make sure he can never take his wedding ring off ever again (not to say he has ever taken it off for anything other than to wash the dishes or something). Essentially what I'm saying is that people these days rush into things, and when they're not satisfied by the outcomes of their impulsive decisions they choose to come up with excuses rather than solutions. "But then we lost the passion we used to have!" Well, rekindle that passion (with each other). "Then the kids came along!" Well, you probably both wanted kids to begin with, so enjoy parenthood and each other. So on and so forth, it's easier for them to try and make excuses for their life rather than living it and making it the life they want. It's kind of sad really. *goes back to staring at Sunny's signature and giggling* *edit*
  3. Do you have any horrible habits?

    One of my habits is when I get stressed I kind of gently tug on the hairs on my eyebrows. I've been doing it for years, but have recently learned that it's actually a natural form of stress relief. Provided you don't yank out your hair, it's perfectly healthy and good for stress relief. I do also chew on my lips, and that one isn't anywhere as useful, but it's still a habit of mine.
  4. Voting?

    But what about the option of voting for a third party that you agree with rather than one of the two major ones? When you're old enough to vote, that vote is a step towards ending the bipartisan system so we truly have options, rather than just Republican/Democrat. When we refer to them as the "lesser of two evils" we're acknowledging that neither truly has our best interest in mind. We have the power to change this though, we just have to be willing to change it.
  5. Hi everyone!

    Thanks Markb4 and Allison! This is such a great site, I just wish more people would discover it.
  6. Voting?

    Part of the problem with having a third party option (at least in the US) is that no one votes for the third party to begin with. It's frustrating because this bipartisan thing really has to go, and quite a few Americans will agree with that. Now the real issue is that they're so focused on not wanting the Republicans/Democrats to gain office that they view a vote on a third party as a lost vote. This is so very not true. All a third party requires to get federal funding of $20,000,000 for the next election cycle is to gain 5% of the popular vote. In other words, if you really want to see the bipartisan system gone, you have to use your vote to change it. Personally, I'm a Libertarian, and I'd love to see them get that 5%, but I'd also be happy to see any of the other third parties gain it just to show America that our vote really does matter, and we do have a voice to use that can change our gov't. Once we see how easy it is to get the third party in, then it's just a matter of cycles until we really get a choice and not just the lesser of two evils. As I said, this is only regarding elections in the US. I've heard about the Canadian political system and find it to be very interesting, but sadly don't really know enough about its workings to comment on it.
  7. “Judging other people�

    There's a guy I've known for well over ten years, we've discussed it and agreed that we'll never be friends. We just don't like each other in the least. I can't put my finger on the reason we don't get along, but we just don't. It's not a matter of his intelligence, political views, religious views, views on WTM, or any other things like that. He's an intelligent guy, he's fun to be around, but we just will never be friends. For me what that shows is that we can not mesh at all with someone, but that doesn't mean something is wrong with them. I think that's where a lot of people get confused with the judgmental attitude. If you can accept that we're all different, it's much easier to not judge. Now of course, just like everyone else, I have moments where I am judgmental, but I prefer to consider why that is the case rather than just assuming someone else is lesser than me. A lot of times people want to judge others over religious differences, and this is perfectly normal to happen. Rather than thinking they're a bad person, or that you are morally superior to them, it's sometimes best to learn about their religion and why they follow it. This doesn't mean you have to agree with them, but only accept that what's true to them is no different than what may be true to you. We're not the ones to make the final decision, so why act as if we can? Peace and love come from within us, so when we judge we corrupt ourselves rather than making ourselves pure and full of light.
  8. Hi everyone!

    @Weapon X, I had been on that site for a few years. I really joined it just to make new friends and broaden my social network. Finding my husband was just fate kind of landing him right in front of me. @Arwen, I didn't really utilize anything extra. Just left my search horizons open to whatever distance, and made sure to answer the questions truthfully. It gives you a chance to make some things "mandatory" for your potential partner to agree with, and that really narrows down who it will give you a high percentage with. Just be honest in answering the questions, and make sure to make important things (like WTM) mandatory. @NicoleNova, thank you! This site looks like a pleasant change from all the normal sites out there encouraging things like pre-marital sex. @Rookiepilot1, it still feels like we're newlyweds. Everyday it makes me smile when I can look at my husband snoring away in bed, and I hope that feeling remains for many years to come. When you love someone it's amazing how even the simplest and most trivial things become something just as endearing as a kiss from them.
  9. Hi everyone!

    Also, Matthew, your signature gif kills me every time I see it. I can't stop watching the adorable kitty!
  10. Hi everyone!

    Weapon X, you just made me chuckle a bit. I'm the wife, my love is the husband. My dad just wasn't very good at picking names for his kids. As far a your question, we met on And I'm so happy to be there for all my fellow Waiters! Matthew, I haven't come across her name yet, but congratulations to her as well is she completed this amazing journey!
  11. Hi everyone!

    Thank you, WanderingWashingtonian! Just like any other journey, the journey of WTM is half the fun! At least that's what I believe.
  12. On being "ugly"

    When I was in my early 20's I was offered jobs doing runway in Milan. I passed up the offers because at that point in my life it wasn't the direction I wanted to head in. Of course as the years passed the offers went away, but my confidence remained. Not confidence because of what I had been offered, but confidence to know that I loved myself and based myself on more than just looks. Beauty is something that can only be seen in the beautiful, and by that I mean that only those who realize our self-worth is more than just a "pretty face" can truly see it.
  13. Lonely Knight, your example of the ship on its maiden voyage made me raise an eyebrow for it to be used for this particular analogy. While "she" is Christened on that first trip out, if she is sold or given to someone else, "she" will be new to that person who will most likely Christen "her" again. Of course that's using the "its new to me" analogy. Not to say I disagree with your statement, in a lot of ways, but that sometimes a better comparison could be used. Also, I only refer to the ship/boat as "she/her" because those are the commonly used nouns to refer to ships/boats, no other reason.
  14. Maybe you could find another WTM couple to join you on these trips. Get two hotel rooms and the girls stay in one the boys in the other? This way you can still do all the fun trips and vacations you want to without worrying about any "hanky panky" happening. It could be suggested to go by yourselves and still have two rooms, but what if you're saying goodnight and things start to go too far? With another couple there they would most likely make you stop anything, just like not spending too much time alone together. There is nothing that says you can't be WTM and not do all the fun things your non-waiting friends are doing (except for the the extremely intimate things). It all has to do with your desire to be WTM and creativity on how to keep things fun, adventurous, and spontaneous.
  15. Well, I come from a very "white" family, and my husband's entire family is Mexican (I don't say this to be prejudice, but his entire family came from Mexico, and it's the cultural they identify with), and we really haven't had many problems. A woman's "place" is "submissive" to the man in his family, but the man is expected to also treat his wife like a queen. We both come from homes with very strong family values, but practiced in different ways. His family is more in need of financial support (both of his parents are very ill and can't work) while my mother is retired and surviving just fine off of her pensions and Social Security checks. His uncle is staying with us in our tiny house because his wife recently decided to divorce him (after more than 20 years!) and we were the only family that had somewhere for him to stay. For me I don't see any of these things as a problem because we wouldn't have gotten married if we didn't think we could work through anything together. Sure it can have a few downsides, but we're a match so what else could possibly matter?