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  1. I guess ive lived a sheltered life. Ive been cushioned, and my parents support whatever field i go onto, and whoever i marry. I dont see a problem with having a job you hate for the money. What if your dream job was to become a doctor. Its hard work but its your dream. If you could never go to work again and still get paid, would you? You gotta work for money. Youre practically a slave to it. So any job that pays well is nice because of the money IMO (just not science or math too difficult for me)

  2. I agree with Cyon....


    Your love for the other person shouldn't run out as soon as the money runs out.

    I just hope some of you here aren't ultimately saying, "When the money is gone, so is the relationship." or "Love lasts as long as money endures" or some other depressing things along those



    It definitely makes me proud to see a lot of independent, strong-willed women in here who are more than willing to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps though. lol That's how it should be.

    I feel it does run out as soon as money runs out. Sadly.

  3. You're greedy and shallow. And also a hypocrite. You want a high-paying job, the independence of being a working woman, etc., but you still expect a provider for a husband?

    That is the one of the worst features of modern feminism (sorry about going off-topic). And yes, you are a gold-digger.

    A professors average salary is 100k+ thats goldigger? I just want extra money what if i lost my job? I need money to fall back on if times are hard. Maybe you need to look at my posts before you post huh? I thought so. You see, idk what you want in life. But i know i dont want to sit on the couch all day. By my profile pic, i wanna go to egypt. You think 30K gonna get me there? No! Call me greedy, selfish. Maybe youre intimidated that i can be brave can come out and say this while youre still in the shadows. I adore the riches and nice homes and louis vouitton and channel i said it! So now its time for you to jump out of this post if youre going to critisize, understand? Thank you
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  4. I just want to be financially stable. If he lost his job, id have the money to keep us going and vice versa. I think money is up there in requirements. I want to travel, how can i do that with out more money? I don't want to be a gold digger. Of course i have to be attracted to him, but if he doesn't make much, well have to constantly worry about money. I agree woman should provide for the family also. But if a man has a low paying job, sometimes you're the one who has to work for family survival. I don't like that.

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  5. I do. Not in a gold digger way. I plan to go to under and graduate school. I WILL have a high paying job. Money is extremely important because without it i can do anything with my life. I firmly believe money can buy happiness. Id rather cry in a Lexus than on bike. Even my mom said that was a good goal. I don't want to be the main provider incase i lose my job. But my husband will have a CAREER not a job. Doesn't matter how much i love him love will not pay the bills! No security guard, retail worker. An engineer,professor, business man etc. as you can see, money is important factor in my choosing a husband. Im high middle class myself, so i won't settle for less. Its harsh, i know. I wasn't taught that money is everything. If you make under 40K, then i wont bother with you. In my life i don't want to struggle financially when possible. Who would want to live in fear of not being able to be financially secure? But ive gotta admit, im also a material girl. Can anyone relate.

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  6. Well, I'm Catholic, but I'll just answer anyway for the sake of it :)


    Yeah, I'll definitely be going to Mass during my honeymoon. I'm sure it'll be difficult for my husband and me to drag ourselves out of bed, but we'll just have to do it. We can always go back to the hotel afterwards...


    Also, if we're honeymooning in Paris, then we can go to Mass at the Sacre Coeur or Notre Dame, which will be very nice...



    If i know the people at the church, i wouldn't go. Especially if they went to my wedding because they know what we did the night before! I heard a story and this woman's husband was getting high fives and questioned about the wedding night. No thank you!

  7. Simple market concepts. Scarcity creates higher demand, increased competition for finite resources. Competition forces people to step up their game and be better then the other guy, much like AT&T and Verizon still compete for your phone service.


    Our supply curve has definitely expanded so now we don't have as much need for competition.


    And I agree, I'd hate the idea of a woman whose affections would go to the highest bidder or person with most prowess.


    Even if I might win that competition. :D

    I would enjoy the attention. In real life, no boys pay much attention to me so to see a bunch of guys fighting to win me would be flattering :)

  8. If so I'm glad we don't do that anymore because I would never get married. Lol I'm so scrawny and weak that i would lose every time and possibly get killed before my opponent broke a sweat. Physically, I am worse than a beta male.

    I honestly would like the attention lol. especially if i could pick the sport...archery just because its more fair than swimming or strength because getting the arrow on the just need luck and aim!