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  1. Competing for betrothal?

    I honestly would like the attention lol. especially if i could pick the sport...archery just because its more fair than swimming or strength because getting the arrow on the just need luck and aim!
  2. Family & Waiting

    My parents are happy I'm doing that. Mostly they're just happy that I'm not a rebellious troublesome teenager!
  3. Possessive boyfriends

    The last thing i meed is dominance. We aernt dogs. You cant pee on a person and own them. I hate dominance. I agree with companionship. Why cant we just be companions instead of owned?
  4. Possessive boyfriends

    ^ id hope so but you don't always know if he/shell be the the one you'll marry
  5. Possessive boyfriends

    No. Its not his job to keep tabs on me
  6. Possessive boyfriends

    True. Im fine with caring
  7. Possessive boyfriends

    I dont think they should be tempted int jealousy. Why would i want to make a bf jealous? Its not funny i think. I want to be a free person, and i dont think having a bf should revoke that privilege
  8. Hi guys! Im new!

    How is every one? Im luxor cairo! Im happy to be making this account and getting aquainted. As you can see, i love egypt! It is the most captivating country on earth! I have a intrest in the gods of egypt (my picture is Ma'at, goddess of justice and order) but im also a christian and have made my pledge to wtm!
  9. What are your deal-breakers?

    DEAL BREAKERS: Non christian or catholic Smoking Swearing Unmotivated No CAREER im serious a just a job doesnt cut it. A real career. Doctor,engineer,teacher, etc. non virgin Doesnt like to travel/ homebody. Im a traveller. I want way more trips all over the world instead of just the honeymoon trip Drug user Peircings Narcissistic WHAT I WOULD WANT: A traveller, like a huge one Someone w/ a love of history Kind Loving Tries to reason with me Makes sacrifices