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  1. Wow, what a great site. Can you answer my question(s)?

    Edit: I hope asking at most, once per 2 months; is not considered pressuring.. I don't discuss religion. But I have the utmost respect for you in keeping to your beliefs. As someone raised in a blend of very ancient zoroastrianism and modern western culture.. This has been my own view on the matter (not religious, but at the same time respectful of the Great Architect). It is all my opinion, and how I lead my life. With respect to my family, fellow man, and god being equal and in balance: By the moral fabric that I have slowly formed (and am still forming. Becoming less & less niave day by day and learning), by the power of my reason, philosophy, my religion of Zoroastrianism and further opinions & suggestions bestowed upon me by the Great Architect of Our Universe in the sacred texts of both the Zoroastrian Avesta & The Sacred and Most Divine Holy Bible-- and further by the seven virtues in their most unbiased meanings I will live a life of premarital sexual activity, but if at anytime: "I doubt, I will abstain." Zoroaster (c.628 - c.551). For only with a life respectful of hygiene in both physique and behaviour (chastity, in its most basic form and safest interpretation which holds the highest respect for the Great Architect of the Universe: meaning to take part only in proper sexual conduct, and correct sexual conduct and not abstinence), temperance (restraint & regulation to prevent over indulgence in any or all things), Charity (to give my aid in any form possible to my fellow man), Diligence (to tread with care in all things), Patience, Kindness, & Humility -- It will have then been a life worth living in this flesh. Only then will my spirit be truly ready.
  2. Wow, what a great site. Can you answer my question(s)?

    Hmm, well we are all different. My beliefs don't say "I want her to wait". Thanks for clearing that up.
  3. Wow, what a great site. Can you answer my question(s)?

    I appreciate your input but read what Josh has said. Thank you
  4. Wow, what a great site. Can you answer my question(s)?

    I'm writing down all these reasons and X-ing off the non-possible ones... Its depressing.
  5. Unusual attractions

    As an avid Polo player.. This is my man crush (no homo):
  6. Wow, what a great site. Can you answer my question(s)?

    Cool cool. Do most of the people whom practice this do it out of faith? (Would be awesome to see some stats too). Sorry to keep asking.. Topic is very intriguing.
  7. Iranian here. Huge deal in my culture. Infact, in some really traditional families, the groom's mom must check a bride's hymen. If she has lost it in one way or another that did not include sex, she must go to some "religious doctor" to get a certificate for the incident. (Horse riding etc..). If you marry a non-virgin you are sometimes considered a heretic of your culture, a disgrace to your family. If your wife is found to be non-pure, she is considered a whore (sorry), and shunned by the groom's family. Personally (as someone not waiting until marriage and someone whose had sex once thus breaking the v-card), I don't care for this. But since finding this site, I find myself enlightened on the subject and may take it up
  8. Wow, what a great site. Can you answer my question(s)?

    So is it a feeling of "having been tainted" or "ruining it" that they realize later... Guess I never thought of it in that sense. Cool, and acceptable. What can you use as justification though.. if you've already done the act.. I mean, it seems a bit odd to me you know?
  9. Wow, what a great site. Can you answer my question(s)?

    any common reasons? that's actually super interesting.
  10. Wow, what a great site. Can you answer my question(s)?

    If my girlfriend simply says "I'm waiting until marriage." I would fully accept it and continue to be with her. GIVEN that she tells me why she's decided on it now exactly; based on the fact that she has already lost her virginity. That'd be legit to ask right?
  11. Wow, what a great site. Can you answer my question(s)?

    I hope so. She has been more emotional over the past few months tbh. But I just feel like I can't hold it to be legitimate without physical intimacy. We communicate well and see one another twice per week (time permitting.. I'm in an intense commerce program, so I can't sacrifice all the time that I'd otherwise like to..). She calls me every night. Texts me good morning and good night (of course I return all these gestures too). Though at other times throughout the day I'm more "distant" she says. So communication overall is at FUCKING GREAT/10 ( haha ). Yeah, I've been thinking of that (relationship counsellor. But I feel like she'd just become pissed at the idea and think I'm over-reacting and that she is offended. (And what have you..)
  12. Wow, what a great site. Can you answer my question(s)?

    Hey thanks for the reply! Let me expand on my orig post: I talked to her about it before. She says she doesn't know but thinks its something to do with how anxious she is and maybe something she can't put her finger on. This was the first time she told me that she has GAD and its a big problem for her (4 months ago). When I told her that she can talk to the university confidential and free counsellors she turned down the idea. Citing "I don't want the world to know" (You WOT mate?). I was anxious too, but man, confidential counsellors do not blab off about your problems to others. They practice by strict codes. Nor do you get blackballed for that (apparently some people in uni believe that) Josh I was the same and I kept saying the same to myself. But in the past 2 months I feel like I've begun to lose interest in her because of this matter (maybe its just something natural/an instinct?). So I want to save this relationship... :-(
  13. I’m a guy. Been dating a girl I fell in love with upon looking at her eyes. For just over a year. We've both said I love you to each other. This was a feat for me. My ex didn't return it. Sucked! Every time I bring up sex she says she "isn’t readyâ€(earlier) Then we had a talk and she said she thinks she is ready and it'll happen soon.. Since then its been: “Not the placeâ€. “Another dayâ€. “Real soonâ€. "It just doesnt feel right to "schedule" it.". I tell her I respect that etc and we proceed to pleasure one another until orgasm. We’ve done everything except have sex (handjob, oral, fingering so on..). She’s been intimate before with her ex (5 years ago) and with another guy for a short time after that. And hasn’t had sex since (for 4 years). I had sex with some girl whom came over to "comfort" me after my ex broke up with me 4 years ago. Lost my v-card then. Haven't had sex since. My gf has an anxious personality. I don’t even bring up the whole sex thing often (maybe I should). We usually fool around and I just finger her. She is from a significantly less fortunate family than I am. In fact, dating her has really opened my eyes and made me much more of a humble person and made me appreciate what I've been blessed with in this life. I'm thinking of leasing a hyundai and selling my current car just so that her family doesn't look at me funny etc. I don't buy her things. Max spent on a gift: $90.00 One-year anniversary Swarovski heart necklace I've also met the parents (went well). Its seriously getting depressing to not get sex after this long. It makes me question her intentions and if she is trying to get a message across. It makes me question whether she loves me at all. Its also turning me off from her slowly. I used to wait and respond to her texts immediately in the first few months of the relationship. But now, without intention, I just ignore them for hours without realizing/remembering. In fact, I'm having a hard time focusing on my exams thinking of this. What gives? What the hell should I do? Is she using me? Is she secretly not in love with me? Does she WANT me to break up with her and uses this to do it? Thanks..