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  1. How old are you?

    16! I think that's the youngest on here.. 17 next month
  2. I have decided to wait untill marriage because I want a marriage opposite to my parents. I want a real marriage, a marriage where two people love each other unconditonally, would never do anything to hurt one another and definetely wouldn't cheat. I believe if you have sex with a lot of people you give a little bit of yourself maybe a little bit of your soul to each of those sexual partners without even realising it. Above all I want to stay true to myself and god.
  3. Would you be upset if...

    I personally would be offended, like my parents have a really bad marriage and they don't wear there wedding rings, so yeah I think if your partner really loves you he would.
  4. Biblical Movies

    I love "The Book of Eli" it has to be one of my favourite movies!
  5. Dating an Older Guy

    I don't think age matters. Like 10 or something years max for me or it could get a little creepy, but yeah age shouldn't matter that much.
  6. Hey everyone.

    Hey I'm Rosie I'm sixteen from Australia. I came across this site while ranomly googling Tim Tebow I really admire how he stands up for what he believes in and stays true to his faith, I like to say I'm a christian, I definetly believe in god. I'm a virgin and i would like to stay that way untill marriage which seems pretty impossible, I feel like i'm never going to have a proper boyfriend and that I'm going to die a virgin enless I give up my v-card, but I'm going to stay true to myself. p.s how do you add a giff?
  7. New Members-Girls Only

    Hi I'm new can I have access?