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  1. Vin Diesel. Despite the aggressive alpha male roles he plays, he's actually very humble and down to earth in real life. He doesn't throw his personal life out in the media like a lot of celebrities do. And the voice, of course. :wub: Really love his voice.

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  2. I don't have much of a taste for alcohol. Beer, wine, champagne... it's all pretty bitter and nasty to me. Once in a blue moon, usually when I'm on a vacation, I'll have a mixed drink with dinner, something sweet and fruity so I can't taste the alcohol in it. Never been drunk and don't plan to ever do it. I grew up with an alcoholic and have seen first hand the effects when taken in excess. Not appealing at all. I want to know I am in control of my mind and body at all times.

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  3. Character-wise, I also fantasized about being a Power Ranger (Yellow Ranger!), or a super hero of some kind (Batgirl mostly). And getting a letter from Hogwarts too! Ah, secretly, I wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer!  :lol:


    Profession-wise, from elementary school to high school I wanted to be a doctor, an obstetrician actually. In high school, I at first wanted to go into computer science, then I decided I wanted to be an artist- a writer, a painter, a sculptor, a photographer...all of it. That still remains my dream today. :)

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  4. To be honest, I don't want a wedding. I've always felt it was a very private thing, to promise yourself to someone for the rest of your life, saying those special, intimate words to one another. I've never wanted an audience for that. My dream? Well, that's something I'm not willing to share, sorry! But I can assure you, I don't have plans for that day to be like any other. If having a wedding was something very important to him, than we'd have to compromise somewhere, and I'm okay with that.

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  5. I want to be kissed everywhere, eventually, after that ring's on my finger.  :wub:  Until that time, I'm pretty much good from the shoulders and up. An old fashioned kiss to the hand is good too. If we were goofing off and play-fighting or something, I wouldn't mind an innocent kiss to my kneecap or foot or thereabouts.  :) I'm the type of person who needs to be touched (my love language is physical touch after all), it makes me feel loved, it makes me feel warm and safe. I also love to give touch, so I hope he is the kind of man who is okay with me doing the same to him. Because I will be grabbing his face at random intervals throughout the day to kiss him until he can't see straight. :blush:  :D

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  6. Welcome, Venus! So glad you decided to stop lurking and join up!

    So, curious webmaster here: What did you search for on Google to find us the first time? Do you remember? Knowing that kind of thing helps me prioritize content so we can attract more members like you. :D

    Wow, that was a while ago. I believe I started with looking for inspirational waiting till marriage quotes and testimonials. Then with different ways of saying, "does anybody wait till marriage to have sex anymore." Then I started researching statistics. Somewhere in the middle I found this site through your wonderful articles. Sorry I couldn't be more specific!

  7. welcome! just curious, what do you mean by 'agnostic, kinda'? like agnostic leaning toward one direction particularly?

    Well, I call myself an 'Agnostic with spiritual beliefs," if that makes any sense, lol. While I do believe no one can ever truly know if a Higher Power or the afterlife, etc truly exists until we actually leave this world, I do have some pretty specific opinions and beliefs on those and other spiritual concepts. However, all of my beliefs put together do not correlate with any known religion, at least not that I'm aware of, so I can't claim to any of them. This has been a constant source of dissapointment for me. I flirted with Atheism for a while as a teenager, but that was a disaster. I realized I couldn't function in life properly without some kind of belief/value system. So, I'm constantly learning as much as I can about spirituality, in an effort to find what I truly believe in and what I can live with. Uh, kinda long-winded, lol. Hope this answers your question!

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  8. Hello! Longtime lurker here, finally decided to create an account. Quick rundown:

    1. Female, mid-twenties, USA.
    2. Agnostic, kinda.
    3. Single (boo!).
    4. Have always been waiting, just seemed natural.
    5. Found this site through google, in a weak moment, wanting to know if I was the only one WTM and if it was worth fighting for anymore.

    I look forward to talking with all of you!

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