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  1. Being 22, I'd say the youngest would be 20, and the oldest would be 27 or something like that... The thing is, I have younger brothers and dating a guy their age would just feel weird. Older guys yes, but not much more than 5 years or else I'll start feeling like a kid next to him.
  2. Would you be upset if...

    As far as I'm concerned, the idea of taking of my own wedding ring never even occured to me before. I guess it's because I've always assumed, once it's on, it's on for life ! Wait, I actually have thought about it as I want to become a surgeon. I wouldn't be supposed to wear any jewelry on my hands in surgery. I would probably slip it off during interventions and put it on the gold chain I'm wearing around my neck... I guess I hope for the same attitude in my husband: he doesn't take it off unless he has a good reason for it.
  3. Those points are all part of what I will find attractive in a guy but : a) he certainly doesn't need to fill all these criteria and more things could be added (for instance intelligence doesn't imply culture in my book : you can be brilliant when it comes to logic but know nothing about music, books, history, geography etc..) and the friend first yes - but the lover part is key, both have to meld together.
  4. Thin Guys

    Personally I tend to appreciate thin guys - if they have a bit of muscle to them. I myself am little more than skin and bones, so if the guy is as skinny as myself, hugs aren't the most comfortable thing in the world. I have slept (and I mean actually sleep, not have sex) with men of different body types - from quite thin to rather large (due to build, muscle and yes, some fat), and have to say that resting my head on a thinner chest is simply less painful for the neck ! I mean, if the guy is over large, it just makes for a very uncomfortable cuddle session. Overall, if the guy attracts me as a person, and I initially don't find his physique rebutting, I will eventually find him attractive weather thin or large. I will have to put in a good word about reasonably muscled men though, they make me feel like they will be able to keep me safe because physically superior. This being said, wny, don't worry, I'm certain that there are girls around you that feel attracted to thing guys