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  1. I completely agree. My mom has a very successful career but she told me that she always regretted only having one kid.
  2. I agree. The whole argument he started was very bizarre. He and I used to be pretty good friends on here, then he radically changed and started getting grouchy and extremely pushy with his beliefs so I backed off. I don't like negativity in the forums. My friends support my decision to wait but no one in my family does so this site is kind of a haven for me. I'm glad VInce told him off.
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  4. Tell Me a Story, I'm Sick

    Kind of funny, kind of weird: My aunt has 8 cats. She says she's taking in strays but I see missing cat posters all around her neighborhood. I think she's just stealing all the outdoor cats. I don't know what to do about this. I'm also not sure why I replied to this post with this "story". Edit: I also hope you feel better.
  5. My friend Rebekah Palmer is a Christian advocate for survivors of sexual abuse as well as for finding cures for rare diseases. Her blog: "Map of My Heart" contains topics on Christianity, abstinence, marriage and relationships, personal empowerment, sexual orientation, and surviving abuse. Rebekah is also the author of 2 books, one of which deals with the topic of surviving sexual abuse from a Christian perspective. I hope some will find this helpful! Blog: Books: A Letter to Myself: Speaking Out After Silence A Letter to My Friend (Sharing Truths I Learned as a Teenager)
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