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  1. Matthew 5:28-29

    If you are a Christian and hooked on pornography, check out Matthew 5:28-29. "But I say unto you, That whoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that the whole body shall be cast into hell." Your woman could be out there waiting for you, but your heart is blocked to her and you are not celibate and waiting until marriage (according to this passage). Turn off your internet and donate your computer to a thrift store if it keeps you on the right path. Your life is your's to choose - you must take full responsibility for the outcome of your life.
  2. RobbyFine, we're on to you. You have been advertising links on the WTM forum for a very long time.
  3. Guy Dancing to Alicia Keys

    Alicia Keys is that awesome! He got a little over zealous there on the icy slush at the 3:05 mark, but he'll be okay!!!
  4. Handicapped Children

    I would be accepting of a child with a disability with open arms. If there was ever a challenge I didn't know how to get past, I would ask God, "What is it you are trying to teach me today? Patience? Unconditional love?" I don't believe life is random if we look for the meaning of it all. What if you were the one with the disability? Would you want your parent to say, "Oh, I will only love you a little or to a certain extent due to your extra challenges." Heck no! Everyone is deserving of love, and people can handle challenges that maybe at one time they didn't think they could. If my spouse would also accept our child (with a disability) with open arms, then I think our relationship would be strengthened and I would find my hubby even more attractive!
  5. Husband Material

    As for personality, I just need someone I can read - even if he is shy! I need to have a clue to what he needs and what he is experiencing to develop a friendship/bond and to be there for him. I have found that you can be shy/introverted but express how you feel, even if that is just in the written form (i.e. texting). Communication is far more important than personality type. The other requirements I have are a sense of humor and ability to be affectionate when the time is right. I need to be able to receive a hug on a regular basis, and I want to be able to hold his hand without feeling rejected. In the ideal partnership, he will be encouraged to be the fullest expression of himself, and he will encourage me be the fullest expression of myself. Total acceptance = love
  6. I understand I think. I also have a decently high sex drive. Celibacy has been a long-enduring process. I hope God blesses me with a healthy outlet one day.
  7. Nail polish color?

    I love painting my nails.
  8. Prayer to nullify witchcraft against you

    Why do you post so much? This isn't even WTM related.
  9. This video is more like a podcast to have playing in the background. This is a psychology professor that has some interesting things to say on YouTube about life and relationships.
  10. On the Waiting Until Marriage forum, we often discuss topics around the waiting process, but there is also the marriage part - the hope that we will find our match, our lover, our best friend one day. This video got me in the feels:
  11. Everything will be fine as long as you are both perceptive to each other. Don't try to imitate the guys you see in pornos or try to do too much. She won't like that. She simply wants to experience you in the simplest of ways. Doing extra stuff comes in time when you learn and discover each other more. Don't be in a hurry about anything. She will love that you are turned on just by the sight of her. God's design of sex is patient, loving, and awesome.
  12. How important is height?

    So if your gal wore heels which made her your height or taller, you would be okay with that?
  13. I recently watched a show (Oprah on youtube) about married couples (with kids) and one spouse wanted a lot less sexual intimacy than the other. They had a couple where the woman didn't want to participate in those activities (due to stress, parenting, work) and they had 2 couples when it was the men who wanted less. So it can happen both ways. When I left my first response, I was assuming both people had an adequate sex drive and with just some changes in priorities, it could be worked out. After watching that show, now I realize that sex drives can change and be drastically different and can be a problem as Invinceble alluded to in the original post. You'd have to have both spouses on the same page in order to work that out.
  14. What is your sexual orientation?

    I am super straight. lol