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  1. How important is height?

    So if your gal wore heels which made her your height or taller, you would be okay with that?
  2. I recently watched a show (Oprah on youtube) about married couples (with kids) and one spouse wanted a lot less sexual intimacy than the other. They had a couple where the woman didn't want to participate in those activities (due to stress, parenting, work) and they had 2 couples when it was the men who wanted less. So it can happen both ways. When I left my first response, I was assuming both people had an adequate sex drive and with just some changes in priorities, it could be worked out. After watching that show, now I realize that sex drives can change and be drastically different and can be a problem as Invinceble alluded to in the original post. You'd have to have both spouses on the same page in order to work that out.
  3. What is your sexual orientation?

    I am super straight. lol
  4. As a waiter, what is your sexual orientation? Some say there is a spectrum: gay at one end, straight at the other. Then there is bisexual, demisexual, pansexual, asexual, transexual, and more.
  5. I'm sure personality has an influence on this as well.

    Thanks for the news, Invincible. Now we know that whatever happens - we will maintain our community or we will rebuild. And through this experience, we learned that we can unite for the greater good.
  7. There is a difference between falling in love and actually being ready to get married. Are you ready, right now in your life, for both?
  8. Would I date a bisexual? I have no problems with homosexuals and bisexuals as my friends. In terms of who I am personally attracted to, that is the straight male. I want to feel like my feminine prowess rocks his world.
  9. I've enjoyed reading many of your posts here on the WTM forum. Since the site is scheduled to deactivate on March 1, I wanted to let you know about these other options we have created so we are not complete done with our WTM community: facebook.com/groups/WaitingUntilMarriage https://savagenutritionist.wixsite.com/celibacy (We will eventually change the url to something better) Please join us!
  10. Chaperones

    Not after 30 years old. You need to have practice steering your own ship and navigating the seas of your life, so to speak. You don't need a chaperone, you need your own will! You are a grown woman, and you need to know how to set boundaries. Very important at this stage in life. Your dad is just trying to protect you, but the BEST thing he could do is teach you how to protect yourself.
  11. Getting ghosted

    Fooling around too early sometimes puts sexual energy at the forefront of a man's mind and not you as a woman worth waiting for. Waiting until marriage is far more than just preserving virginity, you see. It holds both people accountable and is a statement that people have intrinsic worth that surpasses sex. In this world, men need to hear that and so do women - in different ways. This is why "holding out" longer may be a good idea. Personally, I like to state my stance on WTM at the very beginning - day 1. Most guys are not waiting - so it saves us both time. I would even recommend putting it as a one-line statement of waiting until marriage in the online dating profile. You might not get as many messages or you will get messages from guys who didn't read your profile - but all these guys are not the one for you. Here is a funny way to do it (if you like humor): "Let's talk about sex, baby! Ok, now that I have your attention. I'm waiting until marriage for that." I could go on with the humor, but I shall digress. That's really great. This is the perfect time to tell him you are WTM while the topic is on the table with Lent!
  12. I can understand your worries as having kids can discourage intimacy in many relationships. Parenting can be time consuming. But that does not mean you will not have that shared time with your spouse. Helping her with the kids can make a big impact. You can say, "let me take over here and draw yourself a nice bubble bath." That will help her get into the mood and feel good about herself as well as sharing the parenting duties. She will feel she has a partner who cares about her and significantly increase likelihood of knocking boots later on after the kids go to bed. Or when they are watching a movie. Just got to be creative. Parenting is a lot of work. But if we have waited so long to find our person, than we will prioritize our spouses and time with them! None the less, I understand the long enduring wait of being an older waiter.
  13. What is a relationship deal breaker for you? You can post your answer here, but you could also try the new forum at https://savagenutritionist.wixsite.com/celibacy/forum/waiting-and-relationships/deal-breakers
  14. Does your family know?

    I have never spoken about it to my family members. Recently, I saw my mom staring at my computer screen that I had left on in my room. It was the website I recently created. This site to be exact: https://savagenutritionist.wixsite.com/celibacy I was so embarrassed, but she never asked. With that said, I don't believe the topic should be so taboo. If ONLY people I trusted would have talked to me about it, my life would have been different. My parents didn't even let me complete sex education at my school, because they were weird about it - thinking it is not the school's place but clearly not their's either. So I knew nothing. I plan on having this talk with my daughter, but I still have yet to figure out how I will. But it is important.
  15. She won't be thinking about anyone else but you when intimate. I guarantee it. If she is also a waiter and becomes intimate with you, she loves you dearly and that will be all that is on her mind. I promise you. Besides, you don't know her past. Maybe they weren't good experiences, and she doesn't even want to think of them. Some people have had sex but have never made love. Either way, trust me - God can work miracles. I understand how you feel about wanting to be with a virgin. You deserve that. I hope you make peace or don't settle.