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  1. Prayer to nullify witchcraft against you

    Why do you post so much? This isn't even WTM related.
  2. This video is more like a podcast to have playing in the background. This is a psychology professor that has some interesting things to say on YouTube about life and relationships.
  3. On the Waiting Until Marriage forum, we often discuss topics around the waiting process, but there is also the marriage part - the hope that we will find our match, our lover, our best friend one day. This video got me in the feels:
  4. Everything will be fine as long as you are both perceptive to each other. Don't try to imitate the guys you see in pornos or try to do too much. She won't like that. She simply wants to experience you in the simplest of ways. Doing extra stuff comes in time when you learn and discover each other more. Don't be in a hurry about anything. She will love that you are turned on just by the sight of her. God's design of sex is patient, loving, and awesome.
  5. How important is height?

    So if your gal wore heels which made her your height or taller, you would be okay with that?
  6. I recently watched a show (Oprah on youtube) about married couples (with kids) and one spouse wanted a lot less sexual intimacy than the other. They had a couple where the woman didn't want to participate in those activities (due to stress, parenting, work) and they had 2 couples when it was the men who wanted less. So it can happen both ways. When I left my first response, I was assuming both people had an adequate sex drive and with just some changes in priorities, it could be worked out. After watching that show, now I realize that sex drives can change and be drastically different and can be a problem as Invinceble alluded to in the original post. You'd have to have both spouses on the same page in order to work that out.
  7. What is your sexual orientation?

    I am super straight. lol
  8. As a waiter, what is your sexual orientation? Some say there is a spectrum: gay at one end, straight at the other. Then there is bisexual, demisexual, pansexual, asexual, transexual, and more.
  9. I'm sure personality has an influence on this as well.

    Thanks for the news, Invincible. Now we know that whatever happens - we will maintain our community or we will rebuild. And through this experience, we learned that we can unite for the greater good.
  11. There is a difference between falling in love and actually being ready to get married. Are you ready, right now in your life, for both?
  12. Would I date a bisexual? I have no problems with homosexuals and bisexuals as my friends. In terms of who I am personally attracted to, that is the straight male. I want to feel like my feminine prowess rocks his world.
  13. I've enjoyed reading many of your posts here on the WTM forum. Since the site is scheduled to deactivate on March 1, I wanted to let you know about these other options we have created so we are not complete done with our WTM community: facebook.com/groups/WaitingUntilMarriage https://savagenutritionist.wixsite.com/celibacy (We will eventually change the url to something better) Please join us!
  14. Chaperones

    Not after 30 years old. You need to have practice steering your own ship and navigating the seas of your life, so to speak. You don't need a chaperone, you need your own will! You are a grown woman, and you need to know how to set boundaries. Very important at this stage in life. Your dad is just trying to protect you, but the BEST thing he could do is teach you how to protect yourself.