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  1. I found this on HuffPo today and had to share it with someone...can you believe this woman is a dating coach? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/charlie-nox/i-slept-with-your-boyfriend_b_3815022.html
  2. I wouldn't ever say that I don't want to get married, but it WOULD be a big inconvenience to work around as far as my career goes. That would be my only hesitation.
  3. How Did You Spend Your 4th Of July Holiday!?

    Yup, worked. No rest for the wicked as they say...
  4. I lead a pretty active life, and it's got me to thinking lately about how this might influence relationships/marriage. I like canoeing, hiking, traveling etc and I think i'd really need someone who can keep up with that. How do you all feel? If you're the adventuresome type, do you need a partner who feels the same, or would you be okay wth someone to come home to? If you're a little less inclined towards adventuring, would you be willing to leave your comfort zone for your significant other?
  5. ok question, "GRAPHIC"

    I would prefer not. Not a dealbreaker by any means, just a preference.
  6. thanks for the thoughts, everyone...it pretty much seems to be the case that running into other WTMers is more a freak accident than anything else It isn't hard for me to be friends with most types of people since I mostly choose to fly under the radar as far as waiting goes, but it would be encouraging to meet other waiters...sounds like I need to find a good church i guess.
  7. Does anyone on this forum get the opportunity to hang out with like-minded people outside of the Internet? I really have no problem getting along with most anyone, but it would be nice to be able to socialize with people who have a similar perspective and worldview. It just doesn't seem like there's much opportunity for that sort of thing in the post-college working world. I'm currently in a very isolated situation where I can't really do any kind of socializing outside of work, but I'm relocating to KY in the fall where there's hopefully more human civilization. So do any of you guys have a WTM peer group? Do you have like minded friends or are you mostly alone in your wtm decision? Sorry if this has already been covered, I guess I'm just looking for ideas on how to locate peers who don't think my decision to wait makes me the equivalent of a two-headed circus freak.
  8. I'd like to believe that there's such a thing as "the one"...someone you just know is right for you. It would take a lot of the guesswork out of life.
  9. I agree with a lot of what you all said...I don't feel like it was entirely the guy's fault though. He did seem to be making some attempt to discern whether or not she was enjoying herself, and she continued the problem by lying about it. I do agree that her arguments against WTM aren't legitimate, however.
  10. I came across this article on the news the other day and wondered what other people would think of it. On one hand I think the author is selfish and, although she made a lot of mistakes, waiting till marriage isn't one of them. On the other hand, I do have a deep irrational fear of something like this happening to me... http://www.salon.com/2013/05/06/my_virginity_mistake/ Note--the article is a little racy I guess...maybe should be in Viewer Discretion Advised?
  11. What a Tease!

    This is a bit of a sensitive point for me. I have been told by guys I turned down that I "led them on" or was acting like a tease and quite frankly I find it annoying to the extreme. I do not dress or act provocatively in any way, or indicate that I was even slightly interested in more than friendship. I am however very outgoing and friendly to people (unless they give me reason not to be). What should I do, act like a snark all the time just in the off chance that a guy I'm around might potentially be interested? On the other hand, I do recognize that there are those--girls and guys both--that seem to think it's a power trip to lead people on. My random thoughts.
  12. "Hanging out" in the bedroom

    I do like the idea of hanging out together, I like the comfort, and I feel like it's hard to really get to know someone if you're never alone in a quiet, intimate environment with them. Personally, it doesn't cause a problem for me and I don't feel like I would get into trouble (until I get that ring, my pants are about as movable as the Great Wall of China). But it seems (from sad experience) that you just never know where the other person is at, or whether they can handle that kind of situation without temptation. I guess if I was going to consider it, there would have to be an absolutely inflexible ironclad set of rules in place about what is and isn't allowed. Otherwise, probably not going to happen.
  13. "Settling"

    Haha...I know exactly that feeling.
  14. "Settling"

    I guess 'spark' isn't really the word I was looking for. I'm not talking about physical chemistry exactly, which I know can be a temporary feeling, or any particular deficiency of character. I guess I just feel like we sort of learn from a very early age to think that we all have a Prince Charming (or female equivalent) out there somewhere, someone who's our 'one-and-only,' 'love at first sight,' or whatever you want to call it. What if you just don't get that feeling with someone, even though on paper they might look perfect? Could you be happy with them, or would you eventually become bitter and feel like you'd made a mistake? What if you ended up marrying that person only to find that the real Prince(ss) Charming was just around the corner? Maybe I just over-analyze things...? LOL
  15. Forgive me if this has been covered before, but I was wondering what you all's opinion would be. Suppose you met someone who was perfect for you by the 'checklist'--say, WTM, of your religion if applicable, a generally good person, etc--but there just wasn't a spark. Supposing you could like, even love, that person, but you aren't in love. There's no big love affair, no infatuation. If the opportunity presented itself, would you settle for being with someone you are comfortable and contented with, rather than hold out for the possibility of meeting someone who fulfills all your checklist criteria but also give you that spark? The reason I'm asking is that it just seems to unlikely to find all that in one package. Maybe some people get lucky, but for some of the rest of us, would it be better to 'settle' than be alone?