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  1. The website?

    It shows all these question marks everywhere for me.
  2. Do you abstain from other things besides sex too?

    I wish I'd found this website like... 10 years ago. Has it been here that long? I like seeing other people who wait for marriage and abstain from other things. I personally abstain from nudity, swearing, vulgarity, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, and drugs. This can mean avoiding certain song lyrics, movies, places, and people I surround myself with.
  3. I’ve really wanted to find someone with beliefs similar to mine, but after years and years of searching I have started to wonder if that desire will end up leaving me lonely, and single forever. At the same time, I hate the idea of being alone in my beliefs forever. I'm conflicted. I think if the right situation presented itself, I would marry a non-waiter if he now believed in waiting, and he'd only been with a few women (in committed relationships). I do absolutely hate that, even saying that makes me a little sick, but it may be worth it in the end to be able to move on with life to the next chapter. I think it's situational. I 100% would be in heaven if I could marry someone who had the same passion and respect for waiting that I do, and I certainly know it would make a relationship easier. Dating and marrying someone with a different view on WTM can be a lot more frustrating. For example, being singled out and criticized from their family or friends. If both people were passionate waiters there would be a united front when it came to beliefs. That thought is enough for me to want to fight harder to find another waiter. I do want to note that I'm so thankful to have found a site where people share a passion for waiting. I didn't ever think that would happen.