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  1. Ah. I'm glad justice and mercy work in tandem. I have a hard time forgiving millions of people for sneaking into my country illegally and robbing me.
  2. You came to forgive ...Trump?
  3. Favorite saint of purity

    My confirmation saint is St. Amelia of Temse. She was consecrated to God, and Charlemagne fell in love with her and wanted to have sex with her, but she said no. He actually at one point broke her arm by trying to drag her away when she was lying prostrate in front of the tabernacle.
  4. Favorite saint of purity

    I love how this post went from "hi! Here is an encouraging thing! Who else has an encouraging thing to share?" to "Hey no offense but your entire religion is wrong, even though my religion came out of it. Here's some stuff you believe even though you say you don't".
  5. Sex is real life, and sometimes it's planned, sometimes it's not. You might be like..."HOLD UP...gotta brush my teeth". And that's ok.
  6. How to deal with rape

    The man I'm marrying in 9 weeks was raped his first time having sex. He doesn't recall it very clearly, which I now know is normal for people having been through trauma. This was before he was Catholic, and he has since confessed, worked through the shame and anger, and it is only ME who has issues with it. I have had a hard time working through it, but I'm doing much better now. Basically, it comes down to the fact that I feel superior to those who haven't waited, due to some very unhealthy attitudes in the purity culture I was raised in. He couldn't' help being raped. He was not FREE to give himself to her. The sex they had after that was not free either, because he felt violated and confused and kept doing it. So, I still consider him a virgin because he has not given himself to anyone. He has been coerced, but not free to give. It will be totally different with me, and it would be totally different with you. It sucks, but you have to work through your issues and learn to forgive.
  7. Past tense? What happened, if I may ask?
  8. 2MetresAbove is is here!

    Welcome to the site!
  9. Total Lunar Eclipse

    I went out and tried to see it and it was blocked, I guess.
  10. Engagement Ring Stone

    I LOVE my diamond. I'm the 4th one in his family to have it. It's an amazing stone. I know I am very traditional and would be happiest with a diamond. I would like something else, but that nagging feeling would be there that I wish I had a diamond. So, the way this worked out is pretty perfect for me.
  11. This woman is someone you didn't know. You didn't, for whatever reason, think she was worth the time getting to know. So even if she was a wonderful person, the very powerful draw of "what if?" has you sucked in and is making you suffer right now. Just be away that that is an endless well and can take over your imagination and lead you to despair. I think it's interesting to note that you said you could have had sex thousands of times and had kids and more money...instead of that you maybe missed out on getting to know a wonderful person. Though it has many positive attributes, marriage is not about a status upgrade. It is about uniting with another person. That's what I would be worried about, rather than missing out on sex or kids. Is it hard for you to get close to people? Have you had other girlfriends you were close to? Are you a closed off and emotionally unavailable person? These things are relationship killers.
  12. Nope, and you shouldn't feel like you have to defend your choice of who you want to do or think you might possibly need to feel guilty about it. I'm only attracted to white men. So there it is.
  13. Female Body Hair

    I love shaving. I love the feeling of removing hair. I love the softness of my skin after shaving. Shaving EVERYWHERE. I grew up in ballet, so shaving always happened.
  14. Regarding Addicts

    I used to be addicted to porn. So I can't really say that no one who USED to be is not okay with me.
  15. I have a question for the successful waiters! I will be one of you in a mere 3 months! This might be more of an issue for women, but did you have trouble changing the mindset from "NO" to "YES" after the wedding. I've heard that this can be an issue for women who grew up in very conservative religious groups. Going from hands off to all hands on deck, and the like. Was it an adjustment? Did you ever feel dirty or shameful from having waiting a long time? Thanks!