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  1. Welcome to the forum dude, spend some time here, soak in the relaxing atmosphere. With regards to prince charming, anything worth having takes at least some work. Don't date a thousand people, that's not healthy. Be smarter; if you want to find prince charming, think about what makes a prince charming. Do you want someone who only dotes on you 24/7, or someone who challenges you? If you don't have a general idea of what you're looking for, you won't know when you've found it. At the same time, having a Santa wish list of things you want is probably unrealistic. Prioritise like 5 main things that will filter out the "nope" guys and you will be on your way to finding the one. Now when it comes to waiting, yes, it's objectively scientifically better to wait. When it comes to sex before marriage people are destroying their ability to have future relationships, they're affecting their children, they're feeding their own impulsiveness and short-term gratification over long-term happiness, just to get a dopamine hit. Outside of marriage and commitment, the benefits of sex are not much more than eating a bar of chocolate(some women even compare sex to eating chocolate), and the side effects are much, much worse. I'm not gonna go into the science of that here, though. Just remember, getting into the habit of defering short-term gratification for long-term happiness is a great tool in most aspects of life. As for having the urge to scratch the old itch, you're in the right place here. Some of us are double your age(not me lol). And the male sex drive is(according to studies on the sex lives of gays and lesbians) about 9 times more powerful than the female sex drive. So if you compare yourself to some of these men who have waited maybe 15 years since they were legal, you've only just left the starting post. And female virginity is much, much more attractive than male virginity so you probably won't have trouble finding someone later on if you change your mind. If you finished that, sorry for the ramble but I hope it helped in some way to make your decision. For better or worse, don't judge this site by my responses alone because I'm not your average waiter lol. But I do hope you enjoy your time here =]
  2. Welcome to the site! This is awesome, mind if I use this as a template for my About section? I was literally just about to write something like this, with the attributes at the top as well. Nice to meet you dude =]
  3. I'm 26, this is basically my plan too. Whether you're planning to marry sooner, later, or perhaps not at all, it's important to save. Maybe invest too, I'm trying to learn more about that and they say start as young as possible. If your parents are cool with it, then living with them is a good way to save money. I help pay bills and debt, rarely buy anything I don't need. Here in London, no one buys houses because the prices are sky high, most people under 35 live with parents. Immigrants usually save by having 2 families in one house. What girls think of you doesn't matter. A girl who would prefer you rent an apartment and live paycheck to paycheck is not the type who will save money, put kids first, and stick with you through hard times. The superficial idea of independence means more to that kind of girl than building a future together.
  4. Not completely divorced from reality, in the wilderness or against a taller tribe, a small man would be more disadvantaged. Our desires haven't evolved to fit our current situation yet. But also, men nowadays have many ways to protect and provide for their families outside of fighting ability. Yeah, I was just throwing ideas around, but now that you mention it, men prioritise like longevity(in the form of neoteny and health indicators) over things like height and strength. And like you say, the first world gives people more freedom of choice(this is why we have a larger difference in the career choices of men and women). There are so many factors at play, but I think what we cannot deny is the mere fact itself, that given as much choice and freedom as possible, women tend to prefer a man of a certain height range above them and men tend to prefer women of a certain height range below them. However the exceptions are probably in the hundreds of millions, and if we put not an exhaustive amount of effort in, it's possible to find them.
  5. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    Woah, that's cool. I'm part Irish too but I don't know how much. Which company did you use?
  6. Because they are cute, and because I am short too lol... But tall girls can be cute too. I think girls tend to like taller guy because there's a better chance they are strong and more able to shield and protect. I think guys tend to like small girls who are easier to pick up and carry out of harm's way. This is how we have evolved, but really these day you can make almost anything work if you are resourceful =] I wouldn't really mind dating a smaller or taller girl, as long as she is fine with me being around 5'3.
  7. Hello, My Name Is Saddam, Im New Here

    Welcome dude, hope you enjoy it here.
  8. I'm not so strongly religious, but I try and live as optimal/ healthy as possible. Cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, kissing, sexual contact, I've abstained from them all. I'm good good at finding clean and healthy (mostly organic) food sources with no pesticides, filter my water, keep track of my blood sugar levels, etc. I don't mind cooking food without meat in it as that is currently what I eat. If you ever want tips on healthy eating, hit me up, I know some pretty standard nutrition info that is generally good for everyone.
  9. When I was a teenager, I would be just happy that a girl was showing me attention, and became their love-struck servant (teenage hormones and all that). These days I'm more relaxed and can just enjoy their company wherever it's headed, friendship or relationship. None of the waiters I dated pursued me; I actively sought them out, or we met and rather quickly "came out" to each other through happy coincidence. Maybe we kind of sensed each other from our behaviour, similar personalities or something. Non-waiter girls DO like to pursue though, and if they find out that you are "pure" then they sometimes take it as a challenge. I've recently met someone who knows I'm waiting and thinks that they will trip me up, unaware that I've actually been waiting for over 10 years and they have no chance lol
  10. Back with perspective.

    Hello, my name is Darren and I stopped using this site a while back because I was insecure in my beliefs and understanding about Waiting Until Marriage, as well as busy in my life. I spent a lot of time watching other people's relationships, and got into a couple of quite brief ones myself. I've found out so many things since then, and my life is not perfect but it's transformed in many ways. I realised how much of a gem it can truly be to not throw yourself into sex and relationships, and even marriage, without being ready. Even some of the people around me I've spoken to, mostly atheist and Christian, are starting to feel the same way. So I'm back with a fresh perspective and hopeful to contribute some support, and maybe some advice, something of worth, to this wonderful community who inspired me those years ago. (And also see what everyone else has to say.) Hope you are all well and nice to meet you =]