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  1. The current state of the church....

    1.) Do you see these theological differences within Christianity as a positive thing or a negative thing? Or are you indifferent? Well, I disagree with your view of theological liberalism/conservatism, but that's just because I'd consider myself liberal theologically, and what you said doesn't apply to me. I believe in all of the creeds you listed, however, I'm somewhere between an inclusivist and universalist when it comes to salvation theology. (Inclusivism is simply that, if you are faithful with what you know--whether it be Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, atheism, etc.)--you will go to heaven.) I believe that when Jesus died for the sins of the world, He truly did die for everyone. I'm United Church of Christ, so you can tell I'm clearly fairly liberal 2.) Do you know people who hold to each of these views? What you described as "liberal theology" reminds me more of Unitarian Universalism or even the liberal Christianity at the turn of the 20th century that gave rise to fundamentalism--those Christians believed that Jesus wasn't necessarily divine, and just lived a good life that we should all try to emulate. I don't agree with that, of course. And UU's vary not only by congregation, but by each individual member, so that's really hard to pin down. I know a few UU's who would be what you call "liberal" (I would personally call them "extremely liberal" or radical in their theology). 3.) What has your experience been like? I'm UCC, as aforementioned. My most liberal theological points are probably my salvation theology and that I believe women should be allowed to be pastors (I'm planning on going into the ministry, myself) and that I don't believe homosexuality is a sin. Jesus taught us that God is all about love--as long as we love Him and others, we're living Christ-like lives. I don't think it's a sin to love someone, so I can't understand how some people can hate members of the LGBTIQ community (especially because it isn't a choice). I could go more into that argument, but I won't here.
  2. Ladies, when you're walking down the aisle....

    I definitely want my dad to give me away. That's always been really important to me My dad's father died when my dad was young, so he gave all of his younger sisters away (he's the eldest brother). I think that was really sweet, so I could definitely see a brother giving a bride away, as well (although I only have a sister). I've heard of a lot of brides being given away by their moms, too, which is nice! I just wouldn't want to walk alone.
  3. Church every Sunday?

    I like to go to church every Sunday. It's been harder at college to keep that up, because I meet with my campus ministry every Sunday night, so it's easy to rationalize not going to church because "I'm going to be worshipping Sunday night, anyway." But I like the fellowship that a formal church brings, and I think it's so so incredibly crucial to the Christian faith. Yes, our personal relationships with Jesus are vitally important, but we need each other. God made us for community Once I'm a pastor, obviously, I'll be going to church every Sunday
  4. Going to church after the wedding night?

    It depends. I don't think I'd get married on a Saturday, and actually, I think I want to be married on a Sunday. I'd love to have a morning (or better yet, sunrise!) wedding service--at church, of course. If I'm already pastoring to a congregation, I would almost certainly go to church during my honeymoon, unless I could take time off. If I'm not yet pastoring to a congregation (if I'm still in seminary when I get married), I guess it depends!
  5. No, I definitely couldn't. My faith means everything to me, and I want to share it with the man I spend my life with. Also, given that I'm going to be a pastor, it might look just a smidge odd if my husband wasn't also a Christian
  6. Absolutely! Anna was a prophetess, as was Miriam and Deborah (as well as others). Mary was called by Jesus to tell the other disciples what is perhaps the most special message one could be asked to deliver--that He had risen! If that's not calling a woman into a position of authority, I don't know what is! Men and women are both vital to the church, and the Church in general; we certainly agree on that! As for ministry, I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree, to use a cliché.
  7. Haha thanks!! I absolutely intend on following my calling; although there are certainly other paths in life I could choose, I don't think any other would bring me the joy and sense of fulfillment that the ministry gives me! I believe it's how I'm meant to serve God, and I intend to do the very best I can at it!! I know God has everything worked out, and since it's a calling, I imagine He's picked out a lovely man who's just right for a "pastor's husband" haha (or a co-pastor husband!) Thank you all so much for your responses--I appreciate the different viewpoints, and it's definitely putting me a bit more at ease!
  8. There definitely are strong opinions on both sides!! I've already felt the backlash from some relatives who believe women "must be quiet" in church, as per 1 Timothy 2:12. I'm blessed to be a part of a progressive church that has a history of calling female pastors, so I've grown up hearing women in the pulpit
  9. A bit similar to that (but only a bit), I wanted to be.....a velociraptor. I was a strange child. I quickly realized this was an impossibility, and proceeded to jump from teacher to writer to biologist to doctor back to writer until I felt the call to ministry, so I'm going to be a pastor
  10. That could very well happen, if I meet someone at seminary! I haven't met many pastor couples, but it's certainly a possibility! And personally, I would be open to marrying someone who maybe wasn't the most religious person ever. I would definitely want my husband to be a Christian, but all I ask is that he be open to exploring his faith further and be supportive of me (and by supportive, I of course mean coming with me to church every week haha!)
  11. I'm planning on going to seminary and becoming an ordained minister in the future, and something I've always wondered/worried about is, would guys have any qualms about being the "pastor's husband"? The idea of a pastor and the pastor's wife is commonplace, and I just wonder if that gender reversal would bother some men. I also wonder, how would you feel about dating someone who was either planning on being a pastor or was already a pastor? Would you feel intimidated, would it feel weird, etc.? Just something I've been thinking about recently. Thanks!
  12. Happy Easter

    This is a few days late, but I'll go ahead and say it since no one else has yet: He is risen!
  13. love languages?

    My results don't really surprise me 10 Words of Affirmation 10 Quality Time 0 Receiving Gifts 6 Acts of Service 4 Physical Touch So I guess it's best if you and your partner share love languages?
  14. Love without sex is empty and hollow? I respectfully disagree, kind sir! While I imagine love with sex is wonderful, because sex is meant to be a physical manifestation of your love, I believe love can be fulfilling and rewarding and beautiful without sex. It isn't empty or hollow at all--on the contrary, I think it fills us to the brim with warmth and light and joy! Maybe I'm a tad idealistic. But I'm okay being a bit idealistic
  15. 1. I'm UCC, or United Church of Christ. It's probably the most progressive of the mainline Protestant denominations. Theologically we're not terribly liberal, but when it comes to ordaining women and LGBT people, and same-sex marriage, we're progressive 2. Yes, I was raised in the UCC, and I'm very glad I was, because I know want to be a pastor. Although I respect other denominations that believe women shouldn't be ordained, I think it would've been a shame if I had been called to the ministry yet been unable to follow that call due to the church I was a part of. I feel very blessed to be a part of the UCC!!