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  1. Hey there everyone. I highly recommend waiting for the one special girl that likely will come in the future. And once you have her, stay with her for the rest of your life. I recommend to delve into topics that will help you achieve such a goal i.e. Emotional Intelligence; Critical Thinking; the Universal Law of Attraction, etc. I'm an example of a success story of this kind. I am a 26 y/o medical physician, speaking around 6 languages, last and fourth child coming from a very humble and poor home. I was taught sunday school the bible and I was a real student in the 90's and early 2000's. I went to the USA during high school and later returned to my home third world country to attend Medical School. During this time I met online a few girls from Russia, Germany, Poland, Nicaragua, Mexico, etc. I never ever had a girlfriend. During my second (out of six years) year in high school I decided to return to my ancestor's Jewish religion, which led me to become fully religious in my fifth year. Without knowing at that point, I met my future sweetheart (experience wich lasted only that same day); her family also returned to their ancestor's Jewish roots. Three years later, after a series of ups and downs in our "returning to our roots" journey, I finally met her (this time literally) again, she is gorgeous. Now she is 18 y/o and we will soon get engaged. We were both virgins. I am a Cancer and she is a Scorpio. Our love and sex life are amazing. I can only say that it was worth the wait/work to come to that point in which I can provide such a great level of security/confidence to my partner. We can't get our hands and lips off each other. Follow my advice, work on yourself before you are ready for the best adventure of your life: real love.