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  1. Random Thoughts

    Oh, well that's exciting! Is it promising?
  2. Random Thoughts

    Ah. Did you have a boyfriend last time this was active? I honestly forget
  3. New Members-Girls Only

    Hi @-Anna-! We're close in age, it finally feels like Im not the only teen here. I don't usually dm people because of reasons but since we're both under age and girls, I'll make an exception. If you ever want to commiserate with me feel free!
  4. Random Thoughts

    Ooh who is this person @samaye
  5. So.....

    It seems to be semi-working as of now, and yeah a lot of people are on one and/or both discords
  6. Regarding Addicts

    @Raj sadly, anxiety and depression may have become the norm in this day and age. Which means you're not alone! But also, it is unhealthy and you probably need therapy because if you let it sit for too long, who knows how you'll deal with life?
  7. Modern day take on waiting

    That was a really thought-provoking article and a good read! Thanks, I don't know if I agree with every single sentence but definitely some nice thought fodder.
  8. Hi Everyone

    Hi! Love the profile picture, when I was younger I really wanted a hedgehog, and an inkling of me still does. But know you are not alone in your suffering. I don't know if it makes that pain better or worse but it's true, which I guess is good. Because like then we all can understand each other better through the human experience? I don't know I sound crazy now don't I?
  9. I am new here from Ghana

    And very profound intro by the way!
  10. I am new here from Ghana

    Hi ❤ and welcome! Always nice to see new faces because then I'm like yay I'm not the only newbie
  11. Net Neutrality.

    Hey, I just wanted to say that if the Congress can't overrule the repeal, and the doomsday nightmare comes true, thank you. This site has given me so much, I came here because of one really bad night with depression. As soon as I found the forums I instantly felt elated. I felt like I could love myself again. So thank you to everyone I have interacted with, remember that you matter. Even if we never even talked thank you, because at one point I probably read a post or stalked your page because I was bored. Or maybe I didn't even do that, but your sheer existence enabled a community to stay alive and grow so that I could one day find it. I pray for you guys a lot, and that won't stop whether or not net neutrality is repealed or not. Love you all
  12. Net Neutrality.

    @SG1 OK this is a long one to explain, but to put it really simply it basically means that with net neutrality service providers are not allowed to slow down certain websites, charge money for certain websites, or anything. With the repeal this means they could potentially run the internet in a similar fashion to TV with packages and such. I did a school assignment on it, and this is the article we looked at but the FCC's already passed this repeal as well
  13. Net Neutrality.

    Aww thanks! Yeah but it seems like it could end up shutting down small websites if they can't pay y'know? I'm not sure though
  14. Looking for a wife to be

    Oh ok well good luck, but this site isnt for finding one just an FYI
  15. Net Neutrality.

    Thank you. But that's not the worst, that's probable, there are many ways companies could get greedy and do worse things and manipulate the law. I'm not saying that this will definitely happen, but they could easily decide to run the web like tv in a doomsday scenario.
  16. This is a really weird one, but I really love my nose. I don't know I just think it's cute haha
  17. New member

  18. My fiance was raped

    I know that you probably already know that, you seem smart. But it can sometimes help for another person to put it in writing for you. I'm only 16, I certainly don't know much, but even if it helped you just a little bit I'm glad. Love and peace <3
  19. My fiance was raped

    Hi, I'm so sorry for you and your fiance. All that I can say is that he never seemed to have sex. He didn't love, but he loves you. He didn't give himself to her, but he's giving himself to you. He can't change the past; you can't change the past. But you can change the present you can let yourself love him and let him love you. He never had that with another woman, but he's willingly having it with you and respecting you.
  20. Obviously the atheists have got this one figured out. Personally, although I was introduced to this whole thing from Catholicism, most of my reasons for it are not religious. So I'd like to think that if I never had my faith I might not, but if I lose my faith I will still be waiting. But I'd love to hear if anybody's different than that.
  21. @Peter classy, those seem nice. I'd just really love a nice kitchen with a stand mixer and pots and pans hanging everywhere and efficiency. I want to be a baker, so maybe that's why. Also I feel like a kitchen is really the heart of the home, And I want a library with bookshelves covering the walls and bean bags, and I'd like it to be like a little fantasy cozy, room.
  22. My goals in life are to have my dream kitchen and library
  23. Hi I am so glad I found this website!

    Ayy, another teenager! We are slowly rising hehe. Welcome
  24. Personally I think the best way to go is to order everything online so people don't look at you weirdly. Only your computer judges you and it already knows you're weird
  25. Yeah because sex dungeon won't get you weird looks either that movie theatre sounds fun