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  1. This is a really weird one, but I really love my nose. I don't know I just think it's cute haha
  2. New member

  3. My fiance was raped

    I know that you probably already know that, you seem smart. But it can sometimes help for another person to put it in writing for you. I'm only 16, I certainly don't know much, but even if it helped you just a little bit I'm glad. Love and peace <3
  4. My fiance was raped

    Hi, I'm so sorry for you and your fiance. All that I can say is that he never seemed to have sex. He didn't love, but he loves you. He didn't give himself to her, but he's giving himself to you. He can't change the past; you can't change the past. But you can change the present you can let yourself love him and let him love you. He never had that with another woman, but he's willingly having it with you and respecting you.
  5. @Peter classy, those seem nice. I'd just really love a nice kitchen with a stand mixer and pots and pans hanging everywhere and efficiency. I want to be a baker, so maybe that's why. Also I feel like a kitchen is really the heart of the home, And I want a library with bookshelves covering the walls and bean bags, and I'd like it to be like a little fantasy cozy, room.
  6. Personally I think the best way to go is to order everything online so people don't look at you weirdly. Only your computer judges you and it already knows you're weird
  7. Yeah because sex dungeon won't get you weird looks either that movie theatre sounds fun
  8. My goals in life are to have my dream kitchen and library
  9. hey

  10. I want to die

    sorry cheating sucks
  11. Stand-Up

    @'tis the Bearded One That bit is genius.
  12. Stand-Up

    Oh and how could I forget John Mulaney he's hilarious
  13. Stand-Up

    Bo burnham..I like a lot of others too, but he's pretty good.
  14. Random Thoughts

    Well you're welcome...?