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  1. Myers Briggs Personality Types: Strengths and Weakneses

    Last I checked a few months ago I was ISFJ. I've changed but I was an INFP and INFJ years ago.
  2. doesnt any girl think im worth dating?

    My reply is late but maybe someone reading this will have some hope. I don't know how old you are but I don't think virgins are that rare for 20 year olds. Of course the older you get the more rare. Some people are virgins but you don't even know it because you assume they aren't or they lie about being one. The lie isn't always out of embarrassment, it can be protection to avoid being targeted as a conquest. Honesty is the best policy but one doesn't always know the reason behind when someone asks another if they're a virgin. When I was online dating for a little bit I never brought up my virginity or waiting for marriage. I wasn't a fan of online and couldn't take it seriously like meeting a guy in real life. I've told guys in real life and I either become a conquest or scared them off. I've met virgins but not all of them were waiting. I barely knew one in particular but he wanted to get married so he wouldn't feel guilty having sex.

    I love their content. I've been subscribed to them for about a year now.