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  1. Account.

    So as you guys can see I wish to delete my account. If anybody still wishes to chat you can add me on Skype. My user name is Robyn_Aleece^.^(minus the cute face!)
  2. Account.

    delete my account please
  3. Ministry in rehab

  4. That is my take on it as well...I argued with my boyfriend about it and wanted to know if others felt the way i do.
  5. How can you orally masturbate? Not being rude...just confused.
  6. What is the difference between masturbation and sex? By means of oral?
  7. Wouldbyou consider someone a virgin if they never had intercourse but performed oral stimulation and recieved the same?
  8. Iono...sometimes Ibreally do think I am only overreacting. But whether he is open about it or hiding it..I feel like my opinion on it should matter. I told him yesterday someone called me gorgeous then some more and he said he doesn't care as long as they aren't hitting on maybe he truly is just being friendly? He has no clue I have access to his facebook and one of his emails. He is a stickler when it comes to his privacy.
  9. New Members-Girls Only

    Thanks for informing me!
  10. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    I 100% agree with every one of your views on wahy you view virginity as a go to. It takes great strength to remain one in this day and age. I commented on an earlier post about my past and I,sadly, was not as strong as you guys. After the incident I stayed clear of any physical involvement until I met the boy that I would later be engaged to. I fully believe in long engagements before marriage to make sure both parties are truly ready. Well...for one reason or another he cheated on me with several different people. I had some serious issues after I left him. While with him my father went to prison and I had to quit college to support my family. I was lonely and felt worthless and my life spiraled downwards. I was with a new person each year until I met my last ex. He left me because of how destructively I handled things. I was a hermit for two years after he left. I didn't talk to anyone. I worked then came home and slept. I hardly ate. Then I got out looking for frienda and met the guy I am with now. We have had A LOT of downs but just as much ups. I ruined a lot for him...and selfishly, some of the things don't bother me. Sorry for getting off topic^-^
  11. I appreciate all of the feedback but I feel kind of dumb for making this my first post out of introduction. I am really interested in getting to know everyone^-^
  12. I thoroughly enjoy turning music up really loud and dancing like a manacle fool while cleaning or cooking. I usually get the cats and dogs to join along. My bunny and turkey use to join also. I LOVE washing cars, especially when it rains. I feel like rain is sent down to wash away our sins..Maybe I'm weird...but I feel like being in the rain is kind of a cleansing and I love it. When it is not burning to the point of misery outside I love walking/running with my doggos. Gardening is also a favorite of mine,whether it be fruits, vegetables, or jut pretty flowers. It is very calming to do something that you know makes a difference. I use to run like nobody's business before I developed some female problems that made it really difficult. One day I will run again!
  13. New Members-Girls Only

    How do I pm Nicole to be allowed in the girl's only forums?
  14. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    For me virginity isn't so much a plus or negative. The important thing is THE person and their beliefs. I understand circumstances and bad decision and would never not be with someone based solely on virginity. I technically lost my virginity when I was thirteen....but not of my free will. If the guy I fell in love with didn't want me because I technically am not a virgin..I would be very alone and very lonely.