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  1. Are you dating an abuser ?

    Hi Geraldine, This post literally made me cry as I dated and got married to an abuser. I thought that he will be fine after marriage. But, I noticed that he was becoming worse each day. He was an alcoholic and used to harm me without any reason. After coming home from the pub, he will find something to quarrel upon. He will beat me up and I simply had to suffer even for a misplaced flower vase on the table. I kept his behavior as a secret and my family was unaware of my condition. One day, when I was totally broke, I opened my mind to my best friend. She told me that alcohol is the villain and he will be normal if he recovered from his addiction. She also asked me to get some addiction help from Toronto. Somehow, I managed to make him undergo that treatment and he has recovered from the addiction. He stopped his abusive character. I made him undergo a counseling program and he is a good gentleman now. What I have to say is, if you feel that your partner is abusing you, then it is better to seek help. There is no point in tolerating them. Seek some professional help and live peacefully because no one in the world has the right to take away your happiness.