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  1. Hi, My marriage was in the month of March. I’m planning for a honeymoon trip. As there are many places to select from, it is so confusing. So I thought of asking those people who have visited some beautiful places. Can someone help me select a good place? Recently, one of my friends told me about a place called Barbados. And I have not visited this place before. And I’m totally unaware of the attractions and facilities of this place. Has anyone visited this place? How is it for a honeymoon trip? Need to find some good honeymoon resorts in Barbados. Need your suggestions. Specifically, I heard two things about this place: 1. Barbados garden - where we can see the vivid colors of the local flora. 2. Marine life - which stands out So, I was so excited to visit the place. How are the expenses in this region? Any idea? Waiting for your suggestions, feedback, and replies. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. What is your favorite Bible Scripture?

    I love lots of words from the bible. Still, my favorite bible scriptures are psalms 23:6 and John 17:4.
  3. Hi, newbie from Canada

    Hi all, Thanks a ton for accepting me to this forum. I'm from Canada. I'm a businessman. I have just married and started my new life. Need your prayers. So happy to join this forum. Found this forum online and found some really interesting topics here. Would like to discuss on the different matters and learn many things from the people here. As I'm so passionate about social activities, would like to get involved in more of the discussion and talks here. Looking forward to a great time. Cheers! Thanks in advance