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    Board games, outdoor activities, tea, shooting stars, wildflowers, ballet/plays, Disney movies.
  1. New Members-Girls Only

    Thank you for the warm welcome skylark and innocence. It's so great to be here. I can't even express my gratitude enough for this site. I feel like my decision to wait was the absolute right decision and with much help and support, I will be able to give my future husband such a beautiful gift. Thank you ladies! And welcome to the site as well PinkGnomie13.
  2. New Members-Girls Only

    Hi everyone! I've been lurking the site for a few weeks now and I finally had the courage to join. My name is Marie and I'm 22 years old. I never knew a site like this existed and it's so great to know that I have a place to go to for support in my decision to wait. I've always wanted to save sex for marriage ever since I was a little girl, and I've had family members even tell me that my views were outdated. I'm just so happy to know that others share my same beliefs on sex. ~Marie P.S. I thought becoming a member would give me access to the girls only forum, but it says I need permission to enter. Does anyone who I need to talk to about that?