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  1. Starting Over

    Thank you so much for saying that to me. It cheered me up
  2. Starting Over

    Thanks for sharing the point of view of virgin boys
  3. I didn't want to be used and discarded. I want true love, not an imitation, in the words of Etta James.
  4. I've wanted to wtm since I saw the movie "A Walk To Remember" when I was seven. I got into my first serious relationship when I was 20. One day, a make-out session turned into sex. I lost my virginity and I couldn't get it back. I regretted letting things happen like that. One week later, I told my boyfriend that he would have to wait until we were married to have sex again. He dumped me. I became more confident since then. I know my value now. I want to wait until my honeymoon to have sex again. I've said no to other guys who expressed an interest in knocking da boots with me since then, even if I found them attractive. I'm morally stronger. I want to know if you could love somebody who wanted to wtm, but who wasn't a virgin, like me.
  5. Handicapped Children

    Same for me.
  6. A Frenchie!!!

    Thanks, I guess.
  7. What is your favorite Bible Scripture?

    It's Luke 15:11-32. It's the Parable of the Lost Son. It means that no matter how bad we eff up, God will be willing to accept us back if we ask for forgiveness.
  8. It's Ave Maria sang by Christina Perri. It gives me chills - the good kind.
  9. Tattoos& Piercings

    I used to have 14 piercings. I got rid of all of them except for 2 on my earlobes. I have three tattoos. I don't plan on getting more. If a man wants to have tattoos, that's his business. I don't like piercings anymore though.
  10. Let me answer you in French: L'homme propose, la femme dispose. Do you want a man to pursue you or do you want to chase after him yourself? My advice to you is to live your life doing things that make you happy. One day a man with enough balls to hit on you will see your greatness and won't be able to resist your siren's song of independence.
  11. ok question, "GRAPHIC"

    Well said, sister!
  12. Having children?

    I'll take any child God gifts me with. Be that 0 or 10. I want to use NFP with my husband. I figured we would talk after each one to see if we wanted one more and if we could afford it financially.
  13. Here's another God-incidence: I started writing letters to my future husband yesterday in a little notebook
  14. You could bring up the topic of wtm without saying that you're doing it yourself at first. See how your parents react and decide then if you want to fess up or not. Ps : saying "to fess up" might not be the best choice of words. You're doing something right, not wrong.
  15. Thanks for the support. My father's words really hurt me. Today, I believe he was wrong. But when I was younger, what he said had a lot of impact. I started doubting there were guys out there waiting for girls like me. I joined this website to never forget I wasn't alone in my desire for pure love.