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  1. Thank you so much for posting this video, this lady made some wonderful points and marriage and loving Jesus first. It is true that too often women today are making idols of marriage and making demands of God. I do like the idea of praying for your husband and I don't think there is anything wrong with it but that is as long as God is kept first and you seek him first. This really was a great video and some very interesting opinions to think about...
  2. Yeah I get it same with my family my mom and step dad had my younger sister before they were married. I know that like they would never say anything outright about it but they might never be able to completely get it either. It's tough if you're not waiting to truly understand why someone is waiting. I know its that very fine but totally noticeable difference between acceptance and total understanding. I get it and remember you can always chat with any of us here, we totally understand what you are going through since we're going through it too.
  3. Hey I just had a quick question for anyone on this forum who might be doing this too, praying for your future spouse. I read this amazing book called Lady in Waiting about praying and preparing for your future spouse and I was just wondering if there were other people who were doing this as well. I don't know if this is common or just something strange that I am doing. I just wanted to see if anyone else had heard of praying for their spouse and was doing it and wanted to chat about it. Do you pray for your future spouse? If so what do you pray about for them?
  4. Valentine's Day dread.

    It can be tough sometimes seeing other couples and feeling that jealousy and envy that they have something I don't. I always try to turn to God or pray when I feel that temptation to envy and that can be helpful for me. But I do understand that dread and sadness I know it can be tough. It always helps though to have someone to talk to
  5. I don't know how much help I will be mostly because my parents were very supportive of my decision to wait to the point of buying me my purity ring for me when I turned 18. I would say just being honest with your parents is the best piece of advice I can give. To me communication, explaining to them your reasons while also just making it clear that they do not have to agree with those reasons but that you would appreciate that they respect them. Also maybe making it clear that asking questions is okay or that you are willing to talk about it as long as they are respectful. Just making it something that they know you are comfortable with talking about I think is huge. For me talking to my parents about things like my decision to wait can be hard and I don't share everything because they don't understand it the same way I do. For me a lot of it is talking to people who waited themselves and understand what I am going through which is why this site is amazing. I guess my advice is just be honest and open with your parents they love you and even they keep asking about children just say what I always, "It will happen at the right time. Now's just not the time." Or my personal favorite, "I can't wait to have kids mom and dad but you'll have to wait a bit on that one." I think it's just a matter of communicating and even if its a bit awkward its worth it to be honest and open with your parents at least in my opinion. Trust me though I know it can be tough I feel you and I'm always here if you want to chat or need someone to listen, we're all in the same boat as you. Hope this helped and always here if you need a listening ear. Andrea
  6. New Members-Girls Only

    Hey my name is Andrea and I am new to the site. I'm 23 and I'm waiting till marriage and it's just so amazing to find a site like this with like minded people who understand the difficulties and joys of waiting and staying pure before marriage. Can't wait to chat and meet a bunch of new people!