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About Me

Being around family and friends and laughing till you can't stop smiling...these are the moments I treasure. I love to laugh and enjoy the little things in life such as a ray of sunshine breaking through on a cloudy day or a warm summer breeze dancing with the tall grass in a pasture.

I am and INFJ and I work as a workforce development specialist (which focuses on helping individuals finding a dream and accomplishing it).It keeps me on my toes sometimes and teaches me valuable lessons in life. Yet even though I stay busy, I make sure to have time to hang out with my friends while playing card games, going to a bar, walking on trails, or even listening and laughing along to open mic nights at a cafe.

I'm also a bit of a home body. Someday's I: knitting, reading a good mystery book, watching a movie, dabbling in some kind of art, or walking on a local trail here and there to just get lost in nature.

Life is an adventure. You never know who you are going to meet or what challenges will arise, yet you got to stand fast and keep your head up. I have a motto I follow in life: learn something new everyday; if you didn't learn anything new then you didn't live that day. So I don't know where life will take me, but I hope to enjoy its ups and downs and crazy loop de loops with someone who can enjoy the little moments in life and laugh along the way.


I guess if you have any questions or such, feel free to message me anytime!