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  1. Think that "Atreyu" is a Great name for a dog. I always thought that that name was a great name.

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    2. LMNolan


      Thank you for liking the name xD

      I feel everyone deserves love and to have the chance to learn about God. No matter what someone does, they are still my brothe/sister. I shouldn't judge and it's not my job to avenge. I am just here to love so I do. I enjoyed the fact that I go where most wouldn't. People might not understand, but inmates need love so much. They are surrounded by darkness and I like to shine the light on them. Make them feel human and loved again. 

    3. Jeremy


      Yeah, being institutionalized kind of depersonalizes a person, I know from my experience from the Army. In prison they're kind of a case and a number. Not being able to go outside can really mess with you.

      Do you guys just show up with a service only, or do you bring along things to eat and drink, like nachos, or something that they can't get on the inside?

    4. LMNolan


      It is a whole weekend. We have an outside and inside team. Since I work at a men's unit, I have to be part of the outside, but I'm able to go in to run food in and be part of the closing ceremony. The inside team is there for almost 12 hours to speak to and just love on the 42 inmates and about 12 stewards who help out. We feed them with snacks in the morning, lunch, and dinner. They also have snacks and cookies. We bring cookies to hand out to every inmate in the entire unit. During the weekend, it's a way to almost take them outside of the walls, while they are still there. We don't try to convert anyone, just love. The meals are usually burgers, brisket, pizza, fried chicken, and other home cooked meals they would enjoy. We try to bring stuff they don't get or haven't seen in a while. There is also a prayer chain that wraps around the whole chapel with names of all the people praying for them,  place mats drawn by kids, posters around the room, and hand written letters for each guy. I've been involved with this ministry for 3 or 4 years now and I love it! It's called Kairos btw. They are all around in many different areas.